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New Vanilla Realm


Feenix Vanilla realms have been the home for thousands of vanilla lovers for many years, reliving their own vanilla dream, creating new history in a new adventure of their own. Born from nostalgia, a desire to relive the magic of the vanilla…
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The future of Wow Esports


As an esport, World of Warcraft is in a bad state. Don’t get it wrong, the game itself, in its massive totality, an extremely enjoyable experience. The various competitive modes – ranging from large-scale battles to small, squad-base skirmishes – are fun as well. But in…
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Ashes of the Flaming Feenix event


Winters cold, sending shivers down our spines, the Ashes of the Phoenix are glowing faintly in the dark.  Adventurers of Warsong and Archangel prepare yourself for a new and unique adventure!   Dear Feenixers, Long have rumors gone around, about…
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Storm is Coming


Winter is here and it is time to reveal one our largest and most daring projects so far. We have been working this summer, autumn and winter’s start on these projects and changes that will involve all of you. We are greatly…
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Vanilla Realms, One realm, a new adventure


It has been a topic of discussion and gossip for a long time already; The time is there that our 1.12 realms will be joined together into one vanilla realm. Warsong, Al’Akir and Emerald Dream will unite in anticipation of their…
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Before the Storm


When the Storm hits the shores of Feenix, it is the prelude of a new adventure for our vanilla members towards the Burning Crusade and for our Archangels a full merge of pre- and post level 60 content, combining the best…
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Opening the Dark Portal


Storm 2.0 will be live for several months, how long is depending on a few things, such as community feedback and the merging of pre and post 60 raid content for all Burning Crusade realms. The dark portal will be…
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Feenix Winter Event 2015


Hello Feenixers! It is Christmas time, and the spirit of festivities is in the air. Christmas lights in cold cold nights, presents, snow everywhere, and everything that makes this season so cozy and special. This year, we are not only celebrating annual seasonal…
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Mists of Pandaria, the Call to Adventure


In Mists of Pandaria, there are no huge monsters threatening to destroy our world, our mortal enemy is the war itself.  In Mists, we are heading back to World of  Warcraft’s original theme: “the call to adventure.” It is a more subtle theme than the ever returning threat of a mortal…
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