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Mists of Pandaria, the Call to Adventur...


In Mists of Pandaria, there are no huge monsters threatening to destroy our world, our mortal enemy is the war itself.  In Mists, we are heading back to World of  Warcraft’s original theme: “the call to adventure.” It is a more subtle theme than the ever returning threat of a mortal enemy threatening to destroy our world and everything we ever loved. One that we hope will bring a spark the […]

The most legendary Vanilla Weapons


  Some items do not need to be orange to be called legendary. Today, we honor 15 of the most unforgettable vanilla weapons, that gave Vanilla wow its unique character and feel.   Arlokk’s Grasp and Thekal’s Grasp Unleash your inner beast! How do you get it: Arlokk’s and Thekal’s Grasp drop with a very low chance from High Priestess Arlokk and […]

25 things you probably didn’t kno...

wow-one feenix banner

  With Feenix’ 10th anniversary approaching is it a perfect time to reflect on all the years that passed and all the unforgettable moments we’ve shared. We have been playing World of Warcraft and hosting Feenix project since end 2005. So here we are, nearly ten years later and still rocking the scene in our own, sometimes controversial way 😉 While venturing into […]

Best screenshots of vanilla wow

vanilla wow

Continue to the Gallery Feenix 1.12 is timeless, Born from a desire to relive the vanilla era, brought back from a distant past, alive in present days for us all to enjoy. Warsong, Al’akir and Emerald Dream 1.12.1 have been the home of thousands of vanilla lovers over the years, reliving their vanilla dream in their own way. We gathered the most […]

7 Places to visit in the Burning Crusad...

wow burning crusade illidan

  The world of Warcraft is full of wonderful places to visit. Today, we travel through the Dark Portal into outlands, visiting 7 amazing places that are a must see when traveling into the Burning Crusade. Don’t miss out on our nostalgic tour along 10 memorable places in the vanilla world of warcraft! The Dark Portal The Dark Portal is a dimensional gateway […]

10 Places to visit in Vanilla Wow

vanilla wow

  Today we travel through vanilla Azeroth and Kalimdor, taking you on a nostalgic tour along the most memorable places that are a must see when you visit the vanilla world of warcraft. Aerie Peak Aerie Peak is the home of the Wildhammer dwarves, the master Gryphon riders, a faction that broke off from the rest of dwarven society after […]

13 places to visit in Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria

  On a distant continent, shrouded in mysteries, we discover the land of Pandaria. We take you on a tour revealing the most beautiful places that are a must see when you visit pandaria. Shen-zin Su, The Wandering Isle Separated from Pandaria for millennia, the Wandering Isle meanders the oceans of Azeroth. When the weather […]

Kel’Thuzad Sneak Preview


Good morning Warsong and Al’Akir! The invasion of the scourge is almost coming to an end. The day is near –  the horrors hiding in the depths of Naxxramas and the Lich Kel’Thuzad himself, will be unleashed on Warsong and Al’Akir. Last night, the last larger raid test took place on our PTR (Private Test Server) to finetune the last […]

Mists of Emerald Dreams


  A tale of a distant past, a tale of long forgotten dreams and a view on how they might have become a reality after all. Following up on our newest announcements, We couldn’t think of a better moment to share it with you. So grab a cup of coffee, or whatever goes, and enjoy the read!   Back in the days of […]

Evolution of Warcraft, The Burning Crus...


In a series of articles, we discuss the evolution of the five World of Warcraft end expansions from a player and game design point of view. In 2007, Blizzard brought World of Warcraft’s first expansion, The Burning Crusade. In this expansion the endgame was completely overhauled. In the race from level 60 to level 70, any advantage gained by level […]