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  2. bears always cry for hp buff even though current p2 hp would be hard with lvl 80.
  3. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    Makes perfect sense, I forgot that the bad warlock class has no Icy Veins and my calculations are worst case - playing troll. So that ups spell haste "cap" for non-troll warlocks from ~500 to ~620
  4. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    Well i guess its a matter of prefference, minor spelldmg gain for 2nd set but you lose regen, however i still prefer 1st set with muru chest. Also it should be alot easier to acquire it. Owlbama
  5. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    To anwer your question with haste cap I believe destro locks are the hardest to cap, since all other classes have lower cast times with the exception of fire mage but i belive due to rotation mages need to be at a certain level of haste and not above. Not sure about arcane mage. Destro Lock with full alliance BiS and haste Gems has about 555 Haste non buffed - 1,76 SB cast time ;; 733 with Skull of Guld0ng- 1,59 cast time ; So when heroism (30% more speed ) is launched : 1,59*60 = 95,4 milli seconds = 95,4*0,7= 66.78 = 1,113 cast time of mr shadowbolt. So you can not go under 1.0 seconds GCD at any time unless you are mister troll racial, (wtb troll warlock). Also my rocket science has proven a ~+5% dps increase with haste gems onl locks compared to spell dmg ones; This test did not include bugged orc racial GL sry if my rocket science does nnot make sense.
  6. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    I guess any mount that doesn't cost you two months of sleep patterns or hundreds of euros.
  7. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    i think there are more important things to discuss - what is the bis mount to be used in SWP ? any ideas?
  8. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    I redid the calculations - Dark Conjuror or T6 plus T6 or Amice of the Convoker comes within 0,1 spell power equivalent (undistinctable) so I guess you can do both. As Amice will be obtainable much easier I will let it rest. But yeah if you get Dark Conjuror's Collar before you get T6 head go for T6 shoulders and Dark Conjuror's^^ The set Pendant of Sunfire + Robes of Ghostly Hatred + CoDS vs. Amulet of Unfettered Magics + Sunfire Robe + Heart of the Pit is within 2.2 spell power equivalent in favor of the later one. The boomkins I know still prefer the first one due to higher stats (you can some int and a lot of spirit) which makes mana management easier. Plus again the pieces are easier to obtain probably. Thoughts?
  9. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    kill muru first before we talk about bis list ) ?
  10. @repae1f I thought you killed it after asking for HP buff
  11. Hi All What time does the new server go live? I can't find it anywhere... Thanks
  12. Shop for WoTLK Server

    Shop is planned as Feenix shops always go: progression -1, some rare items and clearing rewards for active guilds. Vote shop is not planned in yet, we do not have plans to plan it yet, but if we do, it will most likely be to help with bugged quests or rare low items (no promises there, depends on population)
  13. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    I used the set you describe before and boomkins from all top guilds teached me that the one described in the thread now is vastly superior and I 100% agree. Do the math. Plus check the possibilities for mana management. CoDS to get to 16% spell hit
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  15. Lessons learnt in RL

  16. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    Which leads me to ask you about that Moonkin list of yours. Why not Dark Conjuror's Collar instead of T6? Why not Amulet of Unfettered Magics instead of Pendant of Sunfire? Why not T6 instead of Amice of the Convoker? Why not Sunfire Robe instead of Robes of Ghostly Hatred? It does have more stats And why not Heart of the Pit instead of CoDS? I have to admit that this was how I viewed moonkin bis list before I saw yours and I just wondered how you came up with the list you put up.
  17. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    BIG OVERHAUL FOR SHADOWPRIESTS --- Alliance and Horde split, two sets that are nearly equal while the later using "easier" to obtain choices Shadow Priest - Alliance/Horde 100% BiS, 70 spell hit (fine if A, one 5 spell hit gem if H) Head: Dark Conjurer's Collar Neck: Amulet of Unfettered Magics Shoulders: Amice of the Convoker (T6 if you want 4-set, then you can also go for Gloves of Tyri's Power and Skull of Gul'dan) Back: Tattered Cape of Antonidas Chest: Sunfire Robe Wrists: T6 Hands: Handguards of Defiled Worlds Waist: T6 Legs: Pantaloons of Growing Strife Feet: T6 Ring: Ring of Omnipotence + Ring of Ancient Knowledge Trinkets: Shifting Naaru Sliver + Hex Shrunken Head Weapon: Sunflare + Heart of the Pit Wand: Wand of the Demonsoul Meta gem: Ember Skyfire Diamond (Mystical is better by values but forces out of socket bonusses, but if you can make it work go for it!) Shoulder enchant: Aldor or Zul'Gurub exalted Shadow Priest - Alliance/Horde REASONABLE (~26 spellpower loss, JC instead Tailor after M'uru chest), 72 spell hit (fine if A, one 5 spell hit gem if H) Head: Helm of Arcane Purity (T6 if you want 4-set, around 3 spellpower equivalent loss with counting the bonus) Neck: Pendant of Sunfire Shoulders: Amice of the Convoker Back: Tattered Cape of Antonidas Chest: Fel Conqueror Raiments Wrists: T6 Hands: Gloves of Tyri's Power Waist: T6 Legs: Pantaloons of Growing Strife Feet: T6 Ring: Ring of Ancient Knowledge + Loop of Forged Power Trinkets: Shifting Naaru Sliver + Skull of Gul'Dan Weapon: Sunflare + Heart of the Pit (Reign of Misery + Heart of the Pit is an ok downgrade, leads to an additional 24 spell power equivalent loss) Wand: Wand of the Demonsoul Meta gem: Ember Skyfire Diamond (Mystical is better by values but forces out of socket bonusses, but if you can make it work go for it!) Shoulder enchant: Aldor or Zul'Gurub exalted
  18. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    Depends on your class, for mages and warlocks it's about 450 spell haste where diminishing becomes too great AND you hit GCD with all cooldowns. But you don't really have to worry before 500 spell haste.
  19. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    One small question: Whats the haste cap? When is diminishing returns on haste starting to play a significant role?
  20. Wrath of the Lich King - The Realm of Shadows

    So we are getting WOTLK. Dafuq happened with MoP?
  21. Lessons learnt in RL

    1. Don't waste your time trying to bang a girl on Tinder than links her Instagram account with no bikini pics.
  22. The sound of my oven exhaust. So busy I havent listened to music in 7 days.
  23. It's not true. We will kill after top guilds.
  24. T6.5 Caster BiS lists

    This is why your application wasnt accepted. EDIT: And for not being a warlock
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