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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hell yeah! Gonna be good to have all our T3 characters back.
  3. I am ready to come home.
  4. They can make heartfelt apology appeal, as everyone else peoples. Merde!
  5. Noktyn account number, I don't even know. You'll likely be banned within a month or so because you're an idiot... followed by yet another ridiculous spam campaign requesting your characters back. I'll laugh if your accounts remained permanently banned.
  6. I Don't really miss a latroturtle with pet chargé from gy
  7. [1.12] Vanilla realm merge, Naxxramas opening

    What about those who was banned for their opinions?
  8. =) lf4m for premade)
  9. great, maybe some adult image host also I need a good turtle more than I need God upload a gif
  10. Happy to hear the good news. Miss that AA community so bad , had a ducking blast hope we can relive that one day. ~Befresh/Mustbegearx/Bemb/Bullhorse
  11. [1.12] Vanilla realm merge, Naxxramas opening

    Spread the word that people will get their old vanilla chars back. Tell all your friends. Except you Predictable. You got no friends.
  12. [1.12] Vanilla realm merge, Naxxramas opening

    Didnt expect it happening so quick,looking forward to this weekend and hopefully more people can return at least 500-1000 would be good but i dont have my hopes up and not gonna get hyped yet.
  13. we chiness kileed KT leern to pley maybi?
  14. atleast get some advertising going ye
  15. [1.12] Vanilla realm merge, Naxxramas opening

    I would be very disappointed if Omega wouldn`t resume their KT progress.
  16. I will be very much looking forward to seeing all of you again, I have never stopped missing the community.
  17. Today we have applied the following update to Archangel. To all members a friendly reminder that you should always clear your Cache (WDB) folder in the event of a new patch. Project Phoenix 2.4.3 - Patch 16 Dungeons and Raids Botanica [AA00147] Bloodwarder Menders will now have proper scale. Thorn Lashers will now have proper combat behavior and will properly use their spells. Bloodwarder Menders, Summoned Bloodwarder Menders and Sunseeker Herbalists will no longer have caster behavior. Sunseeker Herbalists and Sunseeker Harvesters will no longer spawn Mutate Flashlashers when they die. Blue Seedlings will now properly slow enemies instead of casting Icebolts. Mutate Fleshlashers will now properly despawn if they remain out of combat. Auchenai Crypts [AA00144] Phasing Soldiers, Clerics, Stalkers and Sorcerers will now be neutral. Unliving Clerics and Stalkers will now have proper stats on heroic difficulty. Angered Skeletons will now become Infuriated when hit by critical strike. Auchenai Soulpriests will now properly use all their abilities. Steamvault [AA00145] Bog Overlords will now properly drop loot on heroic mode. Dreghood Slaves will now Enrage when brought under 20% of HP. Coilfang Sorceress and Coilfang Siren will no longer have caster behavior. Mechanar [AA00146] Tempest-Forge Patroller will now call for help when aggroed. Sunseeker Astromage will no longer have caster behavior. Mechanar Tinkerers will now have ranged behavior. Mechanar Crushers, Mechanar Drillers and Mechanar Wreckers will now properly cast Glob of Machine Fluid. Arcatraz [AA00148] Entropic Eyes will now properly have mana. Tempest Keep [AA00149] Tempest-Smith will no longer have ranged behavior. Astromancers, Apprentice Star Scryers, Novice Astromancers, Astromancer Lords, Crimson Hand Battle Mages will no longer have caster behavior. Old Hillsbrad Foothills [AA00150] Thrall's damage has been lowered. Lieutenant Drake's damage in normal difficulty has been lowered. Durnholde Sentries, Riflemans, Veterans, Wardens and Mages now have proper loot in heroic mode. Added multiple NPCs conversations and interactions in Southshore and Tarren Mill. Black Morass [AA00151] Chrono Lord Deja and Temporus have their damage lowered in Normal Difficulty. Temporus is no longer tauntable. Rift Keepers are now immune to most CC effects. Quests Using the Legion Cannons for Quest Forge Camp: Annihilated will now set the forges ablaze. [AA00121] Ethereum Prisoners will now properly give reputation towards their respective faction when freed. [AA00132] [AA00133] [AA00134] Quest Balance Must Be Preserved: Using the Ironvine Seeds on Steam Pump Controls will now have proper animation. [AA00135][AA00136] [AA00137] Quest Ride the Lightning can now be properly completed. [AA00127] [AA00128] Altruis will now send players on a survey flight only when they pick the quest Survey the Land. [AA00120] Feenix server team takes great effort in developing and testing patches and updates, yet issues can occur when updated to our live realms. If you encounter an issue with any of the listed updates, please make a detailed report on our Issue Trackers including the patch and revision number.
  18. Does anybody wanna try some 5/10 men dungeons ? I can tank.
  19. rawr

    yeah and it's ducking slow as duck
  20. Fix cthun trinket pls cba to play without dik q8) nice merge scripts btw its probaly 2-3 weeks before the merged happened into tbc. The magus got r13 with 20% so hes missing 2weeks st1 :(((( but hey more time to pwn some nubs
  21. rawr

    lel rawr in lich king :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
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