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  1. Dear members, When we started Warsong adventure in 2010 we could not have dared dreaming about its success in the years following. When it comes to Warsong, we do feel like pioneers of providing the nostalgic experience of vanilla wow. Small as we were, how crazy we were called to dive into this old patch on a server where nothing was developed on yet, we have always believed in its success. And what a road it has been. With many successes to pride ourselves in, good decisions, and sometimes lesser ones. We live and learn. Al'Akir. As small as it has been next to the giants Warsong and Emerald Dream, Al'Akir has always been our small fun project with is amazing small but dedicated community. The Emerald Dream, needs no introduction. Joined Feenix in 2013 to bring the first (large) successful 1x Blizzlike vanilla realm. The year 2015 was not an easy one Feenix and our vanilla realms did went though a rough time. The known will never be as attractive of what is new and exciting. We reckon as well no never have been the fastest in visual development. Together with this, some realms did reach full raiding cycle and we have discussed and weighted our options long how to preserve all characters members have spent years on. As you all know we have decided to upgrade these to 2.0 to move naturally towards Archangel 2.4.3. As much as we understood, and understand the sentiments in regard to this controversial move, we did make the decision to the best of our knowledge and intentions, to preserve the characters of all vanilla realms. Rather preserve than to let vanish, remaining with you only as a memory from the past. As time moves on, we do know that members long for the old days on Warsong, Al'Akir and Emerald Dream, a sentiment we do share with you. As it has been asked for, mentioned a few times already by both members and staff, we will bring back the characters of all vanilla realms in one realm again together with the opening of Naxxramas. We do not have a set date for the merge to happen, however, as we have most scripts for the merge and of course Naxxramas itself developed already, it should not be that far in the future - we are looking at weeks rather than months. Below you can find more information about the plans regarding the merge, and, release of Naxxramas on the united vanilla realm. When more s known, we will update this topic with new information and/or the date we plan to perform the merge and opening of Naxxramas. Merge vanilla character databases Merge of the original Warsong, Al'Akir, Emerald Dream character databases with Warsong 1.12 The merge will be pre 2.0. Which means that all vanilla characters preserved from the moment before upgrade to 2.0 will be merged into one realm. A gold reduction for all characters of the new united database will take place. The united 1.12 realm As for the new realm, we can reveal the following key points: Upon merge the Warsong as realm will be renamed. This realm will run exclusively under Feenix/Wow-one. We have made significant updates to our current Anti Cheat Engine, to battle against cheaters and hackers to prevent mostly illegal gold farming. Naxxramas will be opened immediately after the merge. Rates are still under discussion. kind regards, Feenix Server Team Disclaimer, personal note: Whether you are (still) an (active) members of our realms or not, your feedback and opinions on our project, realms, short and long term plans are always appreciated whether positive or criticizing. However, before you post your answer, do take info consideration that all Feenix vanilla realms have been worked on by close to 100 people, staff members, game masters, developers, volunteers and community members, day and night for over 7 years. Whether not always visible for you as member or not. Going against certain decision(s), how we fund/keep our realms alive, or, (staff) members in particular will not honor all people who have put in their time, dedication and passion in the vanilla project, some even for years. In the end, keeping our realms and project alive, online and in optimal performance, to provide a smooth and enjoyable game for everyone, hardcore or casual gamer, has always been our first and foremost priority. Long story short: Keep your feedback civil, constructive and on topic. Questions and suggestions about the vanilla merge and united realm are welcome, for other kind of questions and comments always feel free to visit our Feedback & Suggestion boards. -Fee You can find our original Naxxramas trailers in the spoiler below
  2. Young heroes...I was once like you. You have come to this place seeking to bring judgement upon the damned. You will venture deep into forgotten lands. You will see wonders beyond imagining. But be warned. The land itself will rise up against you. Long forgotten terrors will smother your courage. Sacrifice everything as the final darkness falls...in the end, all that awaits you is death. Only then will you understand - you've been following in my footsteps all along. Hello Feenix! Winter is here and icy winds are carrying whispers and tales of the past. Nostalgia has been the heart of Feenix since the beginning of time, touching hearts and memories of the pureness of the vanilla experience for thousands alike. While time passes, the cycle of reliving, of what was once new, slowly comes to and end during these cold winter days. From the shadows of the past, in the dawn of a new season, new nostalgia comes to life. Without a doubt, the expansion that has touched these feelings of nostalgia after Vanilla, we would consider to be Wrath of the Lich King. What better time could we think of than sharing the next expansion with you, with its cold frozen landscapes and icy citadels. The realm of Shadows Release On January 25 2017, 17:00 GMT+1, The Realm of Shadows will be opened and added to our live realmlist vanillafeenix.servegame.org Other than our previous expansions, Wrath of the Lich king has provided us with an extremely clean and stable base, making development on features, such as spells, talents, scripts, and extremely smooth experience. We are looking forward to add this beautiful patch and realm to our realmlist! The realm of Shadows will open as Highrate realm, with progressive content release. Depending on Interest, 1x Blizzlike and/or custom realms are open for discussion. For more information about all features of The Realm of Shadows, you can scroll down to the release paragraph. Wrath of the Lich King Overview Wrath of the Lich King truly needs no introduction. However for the few not familiar with this expansion, or to remind some memories, a short overview: In this expansion, a new continent has been added, Northrend, and the level cap is raised from 70 to 80. One new class is released, the Death Knight. It is the first hero class in the game and start at level 55 instead of the traditional level 1. Wrath brings us dual talent specialization, the ability to create and switch between two distinct specs. Each spec has a specialization and a full set of talents, glyphs, and action bars stored. One new profession called Inscription has been added. With Inscription, you can create glyphs and customize or add certain features to your abilities. Another new feature in Wrath is the achievement system. With the achievement system comes a great way of showing off your skill and prestige as a player or guild. For raiders, you'll notice Realm First achievements. Whether it is with raids, pvp or leveling you'll be able to show off your dedication by being the only people with a specific title, mount or achievement. Let's not forget meta achievements either. Work hard for a specific goal, and it'll pay off with a nice mount or title! Strand of the Ancients is the newest battleground. It features siege vehicles, and introduce an attack / defend game play mode where one faction enters on defense and the other on offense. The two new PvP areas are added, the Dalaran Arena and the The Ring of Valor. Arriving later in the content cycle will be the Isle of Conquest battleground which is a 40 man, intense battle of the resources. Imagine Arathi Basin, except there are vehicles and 40 people. Be the first group to infiltrate the other teams base and demolish it along with its inhabitants. Wrath of the Lich King offers plenty of new raiding content. All 5-man dungeons have a Heroic version, without Heroic keying/attunements. Raid instances will now have both 10-man and 25-man versions after tier 7. Most of which will be available upon the launch of the server, however some will be arriving in content patches later in the expansion. You can expect Ulduar, ToC & Icecrown Citadel and likes of which in patches 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3 respectively, along with other features to provide the best experience possible. You can expect the following at launch, with raids and season 5 starting in the week(s) following launch. If you want to know more about Wrath of the Lich King, feel free to visit the patch review on our Game Blog! From PTR to Live Release features Leveling and professions The leveling rates on the Realm of Shadows will be increased. Professions and their specific functions are fully working to provide the highest quality end-game content. Most quests are fully functioning, making the leveling experience more enjoyable than ever before. Class spells and Talents We estimate that by now around 95+% of spells and talents are fully functioning. Dual Spec will cost 1000g and be available at level 30. New class Death Knights will be available once you've reached level 55 on at least one character on the realm. You may have one at a time. On the the Realm of ShadowS you'll find commonly unscripted/broken spells that work seamlessly. E.g., Death Grip, Death and Decay, Howling Blast and more. You'll also find that each spec works in its intended function. Blood Tanks, while Unholy is a sustained DPS and Frost is a more bursty DPS class. Upon creating a Death Knight, you'll see the fully functioning Acherus and all of the opening/introductory quest line is working as intended. Battlegrounds All battlegrounds, including new "Isle of Conquest" and "Strand of the Ancients" will be available, as well as Wintergrasp. Arenas will be available with dynamic MMR at the start of PvP Season 5. Dungeons and raids All base dungeons (non patch content) will be available. ToC & ICC dungeons will be available at a later date. 4 raids will be available shortly after release: Obsidian Sanctum, Naxx, VoA and Eye of Eternity. Achievements Achievements will become available at level 10! Only one person will get realm first level achievements, where 10/25 will get realm first raids. This announcement will be left open for your feedback and suggestions, as always, we ask you to keep your feedback constructive and on topic. A download and install tutorial will be posted in the Feenix Starter Information board shortly. In the Upcoming days Wrath of the Lich king boards will be added to our forums. We are looking forward seeing you all when the Realm of Shadows opens Wednesday, January 25! kind regards Feenix Server Team NOTE: If you are interested in trying out the Wotlk expansion on our PTR already, it is available for testing For more information, PM Zerix on the forums. Update 18/01 First member review below, all credits to TSW
  3. Dear members of Storm and Archangel, After some unfortunate delays and the need to fix several issues with the previously performed merge, we are happy to announce the final merge of Storm 2.0 and Archangel. We do understand your questions and sentiments regarding the (second) delay. To explain in short, most issues came from storage differences between both databases, which need to be mass converted for all characters in both databases. This is not a a fast and easy applied change, and concerns conversion scripts running for several hours. After all, the oldest characters in our databases are were created in 2010. At this point, the merge scripts have been tested thoroughly for the past 2 weeks, and development is positive to have ironed out all last issues/glitches. As the merged character database would be close to two million characters, we have decided to perform a new character database cleanup together with the merge of Archangel and Storm. Details are given in this announce below the merge conditions and details. We urge members and guildmasters of Storm to take note of the announcement regarding guild vaults. The merging of Storm and Archangel is planned in to take place Monday August 1st, 9:00 GMT+1 AM, during extended maintenance. After this announce account creation for Storm will be disabled. Merge of Archangel and Storm 2.0 Below we will already answer some questions you may have Characters with the same name For Archangel and Storm Characters having the same name will handled by a priority system. Every character in our databases has an internal identification number. The character with the lowest ID will get to keep its name. Secondary characters with the same name will be offered a free rename upon first login. If by any chance, you wish to change other character names that the automatically selected ones, you can perform a limited amount of renames via our website. Characters merged on one account For Archangel and Storm As you can connect to multiple realms via one and the same account, merging all characters into one account, may cause the amount of characters permitted on an account to be exceeded. The fixed limit is 10. Members who end up with more than 10 characters on their account will be offered to transfer their characters to a new account via our website. Guilds For Archangel Your guilds will remain unchanged. For Storm All guilds for Storm will be disbanded. We highly recommend guild leaders of Storm to empty their guild vaults before the merge will take place. Items For Archangel and Storm All characters will be merged into the new realm as-is. You will keep all items you obtained. Arena teams For Archangel All Archangels will keep their Arena teams, no changes are being made. For Storm Storm arena teams will not be merged into Archangel. Honor, rank and standings For Storm Honor points will be merged into Archangel. Every character will get to keep the vanilla honor rank they played for on the Vanilla realms. Database maintenance The merge will be performed with several maintenance tasks including a cleanup of merged character databases. Character database cleanup For Archangel and Storm Characters be cleaned from Archangel 2.4.3 and Storm 2.0 (merged of old Warsong, Al'Akir and Emerald Dream, upgraded to 2.0 earlier this year) databases have to meet all 3 of the following conditions: Characters of level 1 - 20, and Having a playtime less than 3 days, and Existing on accounts that have not logged in to our server for a period of 4 months or longer If you have an old alt-character you want to keep, log into it before Monday August 1st to make sure that it will not be affected by the maintenance cleanup. Do not worry, you do not have to level your bank alts if they are on an active account; Simply log in to the account they reside on and they will be excluded from cleanup. Keeping level 1 characters/names reserved 'just to have' is not appreciated! After this date, will these deleted characters be freely retrievable? Deletion from database is permanent. The only way to retrieve your character is via a backup - which is a service only available for donation. The merging of Storm and Archangel is planned to take place Monday August 1st, 9:00 GMT+1 AM, during extended maintenance. After this announce character creation for Storm will be disabled. We expect the realms to be offline for a maximum of 4 hours. Naturally we will keep you informed in the maintenance notification topic, to be posted on the day of the merge. If by any chance you have questions left after reading the full announcement, please feel free to post in the Feedback & Suggestions forums. kind regards, Feenix Server Team
  4. Dear members, Today at 9:03 AM Server time (GMT +1) Archangel will be shutdown to apply new updates, expected downtime is less than 5 minutes. The changelog will be posted in our changelog section afterwards. Kind regards, Feenix Server Team
  5. Community Update

    The merge of Storm and Archangel has proven to be more challenging for our devs than anticipated. Mostly due to the methods used by our (previous) devs to merge the previous vanilla realms and afterwards upgrade the character database to Storm 2.0. Long story short; there were many incompatibilities between Storm and Archangel databases which needed to be solved, before merging the two into one healthy database. Unfortunately, this has taken time and did indeed push the earlier posted ETA At this moment, the issues have been resolved and Storm and Archangel are ready to be merged. The website features - rename module and transfer module for members ending up with more than 10 characters on one account - are undergoing final testing. If we find no other surprises or issues needing to be solved, you can expect the merge to happen in the upcoming days.
  6. Forum Upgrade

    Dear members, The forum upgrade has completed successfully and the boards are available again for everyone. Please note: All topics are still being converted to the new version requirements by the forum software, so in the next couple of hours you might still see posts looking slightly different than you are used to, such as forum code and tags. Because of the large amount of posts and content, this will take a while but it will gradually normalize. We do not expect it to interfere with performance. As mentioned in the first announcement, we have tested and resolved several issues already, however, if you find any issue or glitch yourself, please report it to us and we will look into solving it. Of course, if you have a feature suggestion, we are happy to hear about it as well. Feedback on the new forums, usage, looks and feel are always appreciated! kind regards Feenix Server Team
  7. Forum Upgrade

    Dear members, In the past couple of weeks we have been working on upgrading our invisionboard forums from version 3 to 4, as well as preparing a visual upgrade of the current layout and design. Version 4 of Invisionboard brings many feaure updates and new options. Please bear in mind, as this version is relatively new, you might experience minor glitches. We have tested and resolved several issues already, however, if you find any issue or glitch yourself, please report it to us and we will look into solving it. Of course, if you have a feature suggestion, we are happy to hear about it as well. The upgrade to our live forums is planned to take place tomorrow early morning, Monday June 27th 2016 Because of this large update, the preparations and configurations needed, the community forums will be unavailable for several hours. kind regards, Feenix Server Team
  8. Dear members of Warsong, This announce is a follow up for the extended maintenance noticiation As you all know, in the past weeks Warsong has been experiencing unexpected and longer off-time. This has been caused by crashes of the physical server the realm resides on. We are glad that no permanent damage was caused, however, the issue has been of great concern to us. Unfortunately investigating and negotiating with our host about the issue, did not go overnight and we regret the inconveniences you have suffered meanwhile. We now have been able to determine and convince out host the issue to be server-hardware sided, and the server Warsong resides on has been queued for hardware replacement, to take place in the start of the next week. As weekend is approaching which always has a higher load on our servers, and, to avoid any more downtime for you: We have decided to move Warsong to another, temporary server immediately, during this extended maintenance. Moving Warsong and its databases means that a significant amount of data has to be transferred to another server, as well as technical preparations to be made. At this moment, we are halfway the transfer and expect it to take around one hour more approximately. For this we kindly ask your patience. For the next week, after the repairs took place, another maintenance will be scheduled in to move the realm back to its dedicated server. When we have more information about a date and time, we will inform you on forehand accordingly. with kind regards, Fee
  9. Status Update

    I see, fixing it up for Atha. Please hold for a few minutes
  10. Warning: Phishing Website

    Dear members, We have received reports of phishing attempts on our realms, attempting to steal game accounts from members. A website visually resembling wow-one.com is advertised where free Reputation is offered to members logging in with their wow-one game credentials. All members be warned: Feenix Server Project: wow-one.com, does not have any relations with external websites offering free Reputation (gifts) and/or beta registrations and/or any other type of external registration(s). Logging in to this website, will most likely result in the loss of your game account and characters. Members of Feenix Server Team will never ask you for your password and/or security question/answer. What is phishing: Phishing is an attempt, made through email, a link, website, form or direct approach, to steal personal information, data or in this case, gameserver login data - your account. Phishing emails or websites usually - try to - appear to come from a known and/or trusted source. For more information about phishing, please visit Wikipedia - Phishing. kind regards, Feenix Server Team
  11. Dear members, As announced here, today is the day of Warsongs upgrade to Storm. At 11:00 GMT+1 Warsong will be shut down for the upgrade and migration of all characters to our new Storm Core. We expect the full upgrade to take around 3 hours. Naturally, we will keep you informed about the progress. After the upgrade to Storm, you will no longer be able to log into Warsong with a 1.12.1 client. To download the 2.4.3 client please visit this topic. kind regards Feenix Server Team
  12. Weekly Maintenance

    Dear members of Warsong, After finalizing the last details united Warsong will be opened for public in 10-15 minutes. Warsong and Emerald Dream are merged from the moment of today's shutdown, Al'Akir has been merged per yesterdays backup. This is because of a vendor exploit taking place between the merge announcement and actual merge. For members ending up with more than 10 characters on their account preventing them from login: A website feature has been created to transfer the characters exceeding the limit to another account. The last tests of the feature are being performed after Warsong goes live, when available it will be announced in the announcement section. Edit: the account transfer feature is now live and can be found here Lastly, our team has tested through the merged realms extensively, if any issues are found, please report it to us as soon as possible. kind regards, Feenix Server Team
  13. Weekly Maintenance

    Dear members, The database merge of Warsong, Al'Akir and Emerald Dream character databases has completed. At the moment, the realm is starting up in staff only mode to go through extensive testing. We will keep you updated on the progress, also when we have a approximate release eta. kind regards Feenix Server Team
  14. [Release planning] Storm is coming

    Hello everyone, First of all, we would like to thank everyone who took the time to voice their opinion on the upcoming changes, in favor or against, in a decent discussion. The Storm project, involving upgrading Vanilla to Before the Storm and eventually to TBC has been in the planning for around a year and actual development started early 2015. Upgrading vanilla to Before the Storm, was not a decision easily made, the vanilla realms, and in particular Warsong, are precious to me and everyone involved in Vanilla Feenix. When we started Phoenix 1.12.1 in 2010, the majority of members did not have any faith in such a daring project. The general opinion was that no one would be interested in such old game, and we would definitely not be able to gather enough people for it to be a healthy realm. How wrong they were on the long run. Despite all challenges and issues we faced turning a rudimentary core into a full 1.12.1 realm, reaching over 4000 real players online, enjoying the vanilla game to its fullest, what more can we have asked for as reward for our hard work. Regardless of outside influences, it is a natural process for any aged realm and community to eventually stop growing, despite our loyal die-hards who are with us from the first hour, the countless of guilds, Pvp and Pve oriented, who live up to the experience in its full extent, even now. This is something we have recognized and needed to accept a long time ago. Five and a half years is a very long time for any private realm to be online, and where other projects either die out, disappear -announced or not, or ditch their character databases, this is not something we want for you. We can fully understand the sentiments of members who would like to keep this state and memory forever alive, the same goes for us, however we do have to face the reality that in order to preserve, sometimes change is needed. However difficult the decision may be to let go, 'children' do grow up one day. And so it be for our current vanilla realms; In stead of letting the aged vanilla realms die out naturally of old age, we decided to let them evolve into the next patch. Despite many voices asking for clarifications, we do feel that the announcement is clear as well as the planning. To sum it up; Our Vanilla realms are merging today. January 2nd they will be upgraded to Storm. The duration of Storm has not been decided on yet, we will take community feedback into consideration as well. Eventually, we will start a fresh 1.12.1 realm. A copy of all vanilla characters will be kept forever, however, we do not see it as a healthy solution to import them into any new realm at any point in the near future, for any cost. After all, allowing this on a new realm would go directly against the reasoning behind upgrading the current vanilla realms. The health of the realms and project always goes before any personal/sentimental gain. All vanilla dungeons and raids have been coded into the 2.4.3 server, and will remain available for everyone. When eventually the dark portal opens, you can always use the lock XP option to preserve your character in their vanilla state. If any of you has any specific questions remaining, always feel free to post in reply. kind regards, Fee
  15. Weekly Maintenance

    Dear members, Tomorrow, December 27th at 9:00 GMT+1 Fridays weekly maintenance will be performed, as it was delayed due to Christmas. This weeks maintenance will have an extended duration due to the announced merge of the vanilla realms. More information regarding the duration and progress of the merge will be posted tomorrow in this topic. kind regards, Feenix Server Team