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  1. Elixir / Flask Stacking

  2. [EU] <Final Exit> - Alliance

    bezt guild eu! :-)
  3. Fidelis having fun in MC

  4. Tanking weapons: Blackguard vs. Bloodlord's Defender

    Like QS, is up 100% on Feenix ;D
  5. Diablo 3 and it's GLORY

    NEEED HELP WITH INFERNO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! add me krotchrot#2962 Im playing Witchdoctor and can spec for support/zookeeper or dps !:>
  6. Disc priest

    bezt spec, copy this, dont bother with spellwarding (lol)
  7. its 1.4k dps on Ikiss, where you have to los him for a significant portion... prolly 2k if normal tank n spank
  8. When?

    Firelands? Release date (US) 28 June 201 Maybe you mean Hour of Twilight Release date (US) 29 Nov 2011
  9. When?

    Kelven add me krotchrot#2962 soon nightmare
  10. Raids?

    Naxx was disabled cus it wasn't scripted, people were getting full t3 from tank/spank mobs with no mechanics and as most of you well know, Kara was cleared 2.0.1 in mostly t3. 2.4.3 Kara is even easier so yeah, its better to script or disable so +1 to mods
  11. Speedin Rogue PvP Short

    Quality is alright, but damn s4 looks so badass on a rogue D:
  12. Raids?

    Warsong is seen as the traditional pve core, with more advanced pve progress. Doesnt mean AlAkir doesnt have its fair share of pve guilds/progression though. I play on Warsong so I'm biased but it has ~3k players peak times
  13. Stopped reading here. Dont blame the others for your incompetence, learning to control your threat is a huge part of playing warlock, perhaps you'd be best of downloading a threat meter rather then trying to blacklist a guild.
  14. Dont forget rogues who cant kick heals or pallas who spec ret xD
  15. [EU] <Final Exit> - Alliance

    bump, need resto druids nao We clear full naxx/aq40 in 2 days, so your raid farming is gonna be meni meni cheap! Also looking for decent geared applicants for non-druid classes as we approach diablo3/summer thus expect some to start slacking with attendance ;x So dont feel if you're not geared enough, that you shouldn't apply, we take exceptional applicants in bis pre-raid but try to impress us with your knowledge of the class and/or game. Retail experience is nice but not necessary.