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  1. beast slayer enchant - bug abuse

    this is how warlee got rating
  2. Merciless gladiator teddys' pvp video

    im tyrannical gladiator
  3. shit just got real

    You lost because Teddys DR blinded every time (except the first blind) and becaue he did zero dmg. There was only one scary moment in the whole 20 minute game for us^^ You got killed because you wasted insignia and cloak "at the same time" (because you play without voice I guess) So you had nothing to stop the CC Chain + the hudge caster DPS! Your lag spike doesnt matter because you were cc'ed anyway but we should talk more about MERCILESS GLADIATOR SHAEZ imo Where is he? Why hasn't there been an enrage? Why is he tryharding so hard if he doesnt care?
  4. shit just got real

    I know that you may have been able to peform better without this stupid lags and bugs, but same for us^^ You can't take this 2s games srs got no time for ng because season on retail will end tuesday night
  5. shit just got real

    killed you already^^ but cba playing 2s here. pet pathing (lock/hunter) too bugged and this lagg is incredible. 50 ms feel like 5000. sadly our rating is too low "to play against you" ( XD Shaez????) so shaez would get shit. maybe gonna try 3s though.
  6. shit just got real

    same in 3s^^ noone seems to care about this anyway. he still got his rating
  7. shit just got real

    when we have higher rating we can play gainst each other uhd 17 times like shaez cause i dont want him to get r1
  8. shit just got real

    Teddys and UHD tried too )
  9. PwP journal : Getting r1

    Maybe next Season
  10. negst time write "me" instead of nobody
  11. Why? Where are the pvp players? everyone ip banned because hornox and tryzer pushed them in 2s???
  12. bm hunter restodruid