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  1. How is everyone doing?

    1. Andrada


      aim veri guuuuuuuuuuuud) iu?

    2. Twinkie


      Long time no see :) Glad to see you around :)

  2. Gatling plz )

    1. Gatlingx


      THATS ME! Whatcha been up to lol

  3. Well i never really hated you :D.

    It was just fun to have rival guild :)) I'm sure you had fun also :D.

    I'm already unbanned, but my accounts arent unbanned yet :P.

    So all i have is a level 20 warrior :((. And most likely my accounts wont get unbanned according to Athairne :((.

    But yea things where fun :D, support me with getting my acc back :D.

  4. 1400 DPS Fury warrior on Feenix

    Nobody can accept that Sulfuras is actually good. thats just sad :3 russia bezt.
  5. i'm unbanned, not my accs though.

  6. So funny, your on the hated bann list of tainted wow :DD:D:D:D:.

    to bad i can unbann you anytime (For them atleast) lol

  7. Becauseeeeeee its boring to farm the same content again.

  8. lol btw, taintedwow tells so much shit about you guys.

    It was funny to hear it when they fail so badly, you don't wanna know how weird the staff is there, Especially the devs.

    they have like 10 playerbase btw, not 50 :3

  9. Vurtne Fanboys

    I'd say vurtnes are good, and only do good things for the server. Dont hate them, they are loving everyone. But gatling is still FTW, so i'd rather be him. geld plz.
  10. Plz dont hate me :(((((( it hurt mi feel..

  11. hai i unbann you from tainted vent, cauz it sux)

  12. oks plzz dont hate me :(((((((((((((( I UNBANNED U FROM VENT.