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  1. Fps problem

    It sounds like the Video-ram is runing out. Could you post your PC speccs?
  2. It may help to lower the terrain distance, it aint any guarantees. However, I'm runing at 50% Terrain distance myself with a 4/8 core/threaded CPU, made sure that the game is runing with all the 4 cores'n 8 threads (though WoW doesnt support hyperthreading). I havent experienced almost any sort of Freezez, it happends very, very rarely. So, just a tip to peeps with a CPU with more than 2 cores/threads (Trippple-core, Quad-core, Hexa core, etc..). Open Taskmanager, Go to Processes - search for WoW.exe, Right-click it and look for Set Affinity. I've also heard of people getting rid of the freezez by lowering the Affinity, so.. Try it out urself, this works fine for me anyway. (Please note that this is personal experience, not facs. There aint any guarantees of removing/lowering the issue.) Regards, Jonssown
  3. Multiboxing

    On 99% of the servers it's not legal to run around with x5 characters with the same person behind the screen, with a software that combines the spells & clicks. I'm a multiboxer myself and I've been asking on many servers about this. The answers I've got 99% of the times is: " Consider yourself as a passive mob, you cannot run around ganking people, but if they engage, the hell breakes loose. " Though many servers have different rules about BG's. Wishes you the best luck, Jonssown
  4. Lol, if its illeagle ofc I should report it.
  5. Hello, Just logged on and I noticed that the pvp daily guy was under attack. I belive that's bannable? Proof: Best reguard //Jonssown EDIT: Horde's name = Nowlex
  6. Instant Disconnect

    Okey, Im now online =) Thanks you Feenix staff for restarting the server (Though I dont know the reason) Ey, play. Wiiie.. Good luck in the future! //Jonssown
  7. Instant Disconnect

    Would anyone please help if possible?
  8. Instant Disconnect

    Hello, Im having the same problem at the moment. So you are not the only one. //Jonssown
  9. Can't change Realmlist

    Move the World of warcraft map to someplace else. If it lies @ Program Files (x86) You will not be able to change it (As you may know) I've done a new map myself @ (C:) Named : Games and placed it there. Works fine Hope this helped. //Jonssown