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  1. Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking

    Are you serious? Imp Frost Presence reduces your damage taken by another 2%.
  2. downtime

    So, they worked for 20mins. Now it is slack time!
  3. downtime

    And this is also another department where Blizzard is on another level. There is not always someone available to restart the Server, especially not at 8am for most Europeans. Machinery never fixes itself.
  4. downtime

    Blizzard is also a multimillion company whose customers are paying monthly subscriptions. Also, calling out someone for very minor english mistakes, on an international forum, in 2017. P.S.: The first letter of a sentence is always capital. Nice English, by the way. EDIT: Kauski, let it go bro, it's probably just a troll. You meet those outside WoW, too.
  5. No, it was just a Hype member who lost his Salt Shaker. Forgive him.
  6. Fishing daily

    Apparently they are not completable yet. A few of us tried as well with no luck. It is a 3.1 feature, so I believe it is intentionally disabled like many other features.
  7. [A] Dungeon Finder

    1) If you want to help the faction balance, no. 2) Crafted and some quest gear. You can walk to Heroics by LFG/LFM in the world chat. 3) /join world 4) idk
  8. [H] EU <Promise>

    Bump, still on the lookout for a Resto Shaman, 1-2 Warlocks. Other classes and specs are encouraged to apply as well. I shouldnt have redirected the Warlocks to our TBC Guild.
  9. [H] EU <Promise>

    Updated Classes and Specs. Our core group is almost done.
  10. [H] EU <Promise>

    If you are a warlock, you are always welcome to apply on our TBC Guild. Needed Classes and Specs have been updated. Feel free to apply even if your Class and Spec arent in need rn, all well made apps are seriously considered. Added the in-game names of all Officers, feel free to whisper them if you have any question.
  11. Emerald Dream Split. Release Discussion

    It was actually a very good idea to open the WotLK realm. There are currently only 2 pservers with wotlk progression and both are x1 rates. I will agree on the advertising part. The server is doing very well for what was invested into it, though. If the pop stabilizes, releases + updates go smoothly and Shadowmourne doesnt become available for 1000 euros during Violet Hold progression, I can see the pop even increasing.
  12. [H] EU <Promise>

    bump, site is up
  13. I had a similar issue years ago, I think I just redownloaded the game. Someone more knowledgable on the matter can help you (you probably have unnecessary patch files).
  14. <Promise> EU

    Hello, we will be going on Horde side. Feel free to play whatever you want if your main focus is 25m (avoid dk, half of my guildies will either be playing dk or have a dk alt). For 10m, a shaman of any spec would be more welcome than most. For more info about our Guild check out this thread: If you need any more clarification, feel free to PM me on forums.