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  1. Feral Rotation(Cat Form)

    damn that didnt help at all just gave me info i already knew haha
  2. Feral Rotation(Cat Form)

    Hey im starting to raid as feral and i was wondering what the best rotation would be and what is the hitcap for a druid?
  3. Anyone know if the Hive Zora Scout reports,Hive Regal, etc etc quests work? I tried them like a month ago and they didnt work anyone got an update?
  4. Al'Akir Major Problem

    play on a server that cant progress any further is always fun
  5. Nurza 1 Phoenix WoW Paladin PvP

    the cst and bulwark are probably from bug abuse that nobody got in trouble for haha
  6. Nurza 1 Phoenix WoW Paladin PvP

    i lyke your bwl gurz how is valestrezes doign?
  7. Best PvP players in Al'Akir realm

    Priest-Ihateallianc easily #1
  8. Hibernate

    is it supposed to work on hunters pets in this patch?
  9. Poll on Al'Akir

    a reset could be nice i mean the geared horde left and any alliance in BWL gear got it from bug abusing Vael.....
  10. The Moonkin PvP Appreciation Thread

    that is the most depressing spec ive ever seen^
  11. Soulforge Armor in PvP

    soulforge is amazing your basically a pure support paladin until you have BWL gear or high ranking pvp gear....btw you should try a ret spec when you finally man up
  12. YOUR most hated/OP PvP class

    Spriests and Eleshammys but then again im a humping balance druid
  13. The Moonkin PvP Appreciation Thread

    Favorite class to play on Al Akir.....not many other boomkins at all....its hard to resist the boomkin damage in blue gear.....anyway as long as you have a pretty good mana pool i feel like this is a good spec to have for PvP (note some points could vary with your own choices) http://www.wowprovid...5510510532c1k5n I PERSONALLY have not tried this spec... but as you can see you have the instant rage for bash/longer bash/better stealth/and a charge that can silence casters.....i went with boomkin form only because i try to stay in it while in battle because my biggest problem is rogues killing me with an opener when i dont have a trinket -Bezerkk EDIT: it would also be a suprise to most casters with the charge because what boomkin goes Balance/Feral and not Balance/Resto? lol