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  1. Who do I see to get cooking above 150?

    When you guys hit 225 later, you should see Dirge in Tanaris for the Quest to increase cooking further and Nat Pagle in Dustwallow Marsh to increade your fishing further.
  2. Really, an orc carpet?

    I have orc carpets at home.
  3. He didn't do that, I've seen those pictures before. That's for patch 3.3.5 If I remember correctly - I think it's a tool for making machinimas etc.
  4. Faces of Feenix Competition!

    You can find it on the official wow website (just have to mirror it)
  5. Don't know if this passes as a "sweet" screenshot but here's a very rare animal... It's the feared Albino "Pink Elekk".
  6. No, you were not robbed, everyone gets a letter when the auction is successful. You will get a mail in about 1 hour with your money.
  7. Move Frames

    With this version of MoveAnything you should be able to open Spellbook etc. in combat. All your settings from earlier versions should transfer over, so you don't have to worry about redoing everything.
  8. Fishing Daily Reward(s)

    Cheers, guys. I got a bit worried and didn't think you could get anything out of the bags, but it seems like you lot have been getting rare and trash items like crazy. I'll just keep fishing (and drinking!) until I can do the Outlands ones! Thanks again for all the posts in such a short time.
  9. Fishing Daily Reward(s)

    I've been doing the fishing and cooking daily quests for about two weeks or so now, and the cooking daily rewards seem to be working as I remember them, mostly meat/fish with some grey items and sometimes some rare reciepes and I've gotten all of that from the barrel/crate you get rewarded with. However, I remember the fishing daily rewards being mostly grey items with some gold in there, and sometimes lures/rare items, but I've ONLY gotten gold as a reward from the bag in the two weeks I've been doing the quest (The Orgimmar/Stormwind one since I'm still leveling fishing). So here's my question to you guys who might have done some fishing dailies on your characters: Can you get rare items/junk items from the Bag of Fishing Treasures, or have you just gotten gold like me? Maybe It's just the crocolisks in the city quest reward that is bugged? Cheers, and note to the forum admins: THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT REQUEST, I just want to discuss the quest rewards of a quest with fellow players
  10. Problem with Interface

    I'm no expert but I think you can just create a folder called "Interface" and inside of that create another folder called "AddOns" and then you should be all set.
  11. I'll just leave this here *cough*
  12. Post Your Ui

    The empty grey boxes next to my debuff/buffs are omen and recount if anyone is wondering what they are for! A more nice guy friendly version can be found here.
  13. AQ gates opening

    The quests used to work but the staff "broke" them on purpose, I don't know why though.
  14. The one I instantly come to think of is The Missing Diplomat. It's available (relatively) early on for alliance players in Stormwind and it is a pretty long quest chain that is about (without spoiling too much) a very important person.