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  1. News - Area 52 Realm

    I wish it was PvE x1. :[
  2. Last Part: Summoning Dreadsteed

    Working as intended on ED. Can't say about warsong.
  3. [H] Milky Way (russian)

    Стремно, что не за альянс.
  4. Last Part: Summoning Dreadsteed

    Atleast 1 warlock must have all 3 items. 1 to summon imp. 1 to use buff items. 1 to summon dreadsteed after imp is done with ritual.Every buff item works here. 1st gives you 120ish hp/mana regen per second. 2nd aoes imps. 3rd reduces damage your group take by 100. Bring shitload of shards (each buff item use takes 1 shard) and another warlock so you will be able to maintain 2 enslaved felguards. Enslave lasts for about 3/4 of ritual, then you simply reenslave another felguard. Dont forget to set felguard on aggressive mode. If you will keep all buffs UP and focus extra felguards asap, it will be peace of cake. Imps will die automatically. Source: done this quest a week ago on emerald dream.
  5. What are you listening to while leveling?

    Am I the only one around here who watches TV series while leveling? ^^
  6. С фантазией у русских беда.
  7. Достойное название. Только вот defenSe, а не defenCe. Орда или альянс? Edit: извиняюсь, оказывается и так и так правильно писать. Одно написание британское, второе американское.
  8. Is it legal? If it is, I would like to change my alliance gold versus your horde gold.
  9. Premade vs Princess Huhuran Vid

    How do you play without keybindings? gz btw.
  10. [A] <WInd of Angmar> (russian)

    куда к нам?
  11. [A] <WInd of Angmar> (russian)

    Гильдия еще существует? Вообще хоть одна гильдия, рейдящяя по нашему часовому поясу есть?
  12. No ED for me?
  13. Gold

    The problem exists during leveling. Even getting new spells is hard. Adding multiplier to quests lower than level 70 is the solution or whatever.