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  1. Ban the user above you!

    Warfockz banned cause he didn't strive enough for my dinner.
  2. Got Cheated

    Still can't believe humping scammers are still running on the server... i lost all lionheart mats to a humping scammer myself.
  3. Glancing blows

    So edgemaster would be better than even c'thun gloves on bosses and level 63 mobs?
  4. Glancing blows

    So do glancing blows work now? I mean are edgemaster's gloves better than Sacrificial Gauntlets or Flameguard Gauntlets now? Ofc I'm talking about orc or humans who can get 312 wep skill.
  5. Daggers for fury

    Ok so... in conclusion which is the better OH: Qiraji Pugio (which I have) OR Felstriker (which I don't). Is it worth getting felstriker? I'm waiting for multiple opinions. Thank you.
  6. Hi. This morning I started farming some twilight texts and I noticed the maelstorm card would proc more often than usual. I checked the combat log and it showed me something like "your WW crits mob for 293 damage" and right after "your lightning strike hits mob for 244 nature damage". Is this normal or just luck? Thanks.
  7. Daggers for fury

    I'm orc so... it doesn't change . But yeah, I was thinking that maybe after they fix proc on items and Ironfoe will proc off of yellow attacks, it might be the most insane MH weapon a fury can use (2 extra attacks). What do you guys say?
  8. Daggers for fury

    Thanks sulfuras, but there is still one questions left remaining for me: I have Ironfoe (yes, I farmed that thing) and also Claw Of the Black Drake as MH... which would be better? Sure claw has stats, but Ironfoe has that insane proc with 2 extra attacks (Which can miss/dodge/parry/crit). Which would be better in the long run? I know Ironfoe is bugged because it only procs from white hits, but provided it would be fixed and proc off of yellow attacks, which would be better?
  9. Daggers for fury

    What would be better for OH in a boss fight? Right now my MH is Claw of the black drake and OH Doom's Edge, would felstriker be an upgrade compared to Doom's Edge?
  10. Server Backup Rollback.

    I hope they find out who was behind this shit so they can take legal action if possible.