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  1. AV afker.

    afked in av, what a brutal crime, 25 to life.
  2. When it will make a transfer?

    it will make transfer soon days.
  3. Feral druid pvp specc

  4. Heyho

    why do you mention that youre not the best english speaker? I bet noone wouldnt expect that from someone posting in a forum made for people who plays on a wow private server, even if its their mother tongue.
  5. so mad right now

    well over 170runs now, im just gonna take a humping break from this server and come back when they open donations again im not gonna waste time on this humped up drop chances.
  6. so mad right now

    Ive got it on 2 other characters, took 4 and >20 runs. This is just ridiculous, i guess im forced to vote for that humping shit chest from dm tribute run since this fukcing shit never drops. So mad you cant imagine. Every time gorosh spawns and drops those humping pants i swear to god i want to punch that duckign orc in the face so hard.
  7. just did my 156th brd arena run, and still no savage gladiator chain hump me and my whole family.dqopmwhudiqlopjahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Paying BIG money alliance side, big boy money.
  9. I've got banned, but i don't know why

    Youre not supposed to open chests in deadmines gotdamit.
  10. alliance payin big money ty.
  11. hi

    Is there some addon or w/e that makes it possible for you to change your characters appearance, just for yourself?
  12. Tame beast problem

  13. Tame beast problem

  14. Alterac Valley hero!

    Imo youre the one who should get banned because of all the nerdrage in the chat all the time, and not to mention that you was afking in base for the whole hour whodie.