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  1. Rate the name above you

    Sounds cool 7/10 Inochi - Bloodelf Shadowpriest
  3. Debuff filter or working Dot-Timer?

    You're missing my point. I said you shouldnt talk about things you don't know. Wich are me, my raids nor the dps I do or do the dps my fellow raidmembers do. I never called you a 'baddie' either. I only pointed out that if you think we can't top in this tier you should try harder, because we can. It's not all about rough damage / second but also overall damage. Also if you think shadowpriests top at 950ish i don't find it hard to believe you think other classes outdps you. No offense, but if thats the case you are doing something wrong. 1200 is easy reachable eventhough some say recount doesnt show the correct values atm. I'll take my chances.
  4. Debuff filter or working Dot-Timer?

    Don't talk about things you don't know. Be better..
  5. Debuff filter or working Dot-Timer?

    I was just offering more solutions as they come up. I top my raids dmg, so far for stupidity and lazyness. But i'll see how the DBM solution works.Thanks for that
  6. Debuff filter or working Dot-Timer?

    If you put your dots on at the start of the fight they will (most likely) be visible. I have found that its less of a dps loss refreshing your dots before last tick. If you can hold a 100% uptime your dps will be higher than having to guess when something ran out. Of course, this is no real solution because dpsloss should be avoided, but for the time being, I think this is your best shot.
  7. You lost all my respect for your kill when you said you were selling the tactic. Why did you even make a post if you're not here to help the community. /golfclap
  8. Mind Control working?

    Oh yh, exalted in few hours, wtb those times
  9. oh, thought you were talking about Warsong as server not wsg
  10. Shadowpriest talents, spellhit & gear guide.

    I need more people confirming that the shadowpriest Hittalent (shadowfocus) is not working properly. I don't have numbers on it. But as we speak I'm stacking on hitrating (about 120 = 9%ish + shadowfocus 5/5) because the amounts of resists i'm getting is just ridiculous. Last night on prince sw:P resisted 4 times in a row. This means 4 global cooldowns wasted and 2k mana down the drain. I don't have to tell anyone what a HUGE dps loss this is. I've had this problem for a long time and I find it unusual noone else mentions this. I will try getting some numbers so I can prove my case. Regards
  11. Night elves' Starshards

    That would be nice!
  12. stopping at connecting

    As many people are having this problem ( me as well) i think it has to be serverwise. I also think it has something to do with the schedualed windows update cause both me and my friend were unable to log back in after our pc's had restarted themselves in order to install the update. Regards
  13. Night elves' Starshards

    Anyone knows if Consume Magic is obtainable? Can't find the quest so I assume it will go in line with what you said. That its among the recials not yet obtainable. Would be nice to have a list with racials that are obtainable. Balance *cough*
  14. Character missing. :(

    It would be nice if a GM could put it out nice and clear weither we have to wait on another character transfer or not. I've checked other threads as well but no definitive answer. And although it's with alot of hesitation i'll be making a new character as well, what else to do. Aksi