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  1. This one used to work few weeks ago, I think. Now it's not doable. Rumors have said that you can only do it in one fly. I've easily achieved that and I can't complete it. I've tried deleting my Cache folder, tried redoing the quests many times. Still no luck. In my quest log it is shown as completed, ofcourse, but I can't turn it in. This doesn't let me do the quest chain Return To Thrallmar that would let me get the quest chain The Assassin, this being the only rational way of gaining Neutral with the Mag'har and continuing my questing there without having to farm tons of Ogres. LE: Neither this one, which gives a great trinket for starters and not only. Cruel's Intentions. Please consider fixing this asap. Thank you!
  2. LF MapViewer TBC
  3. DoT/HoT watcher.

    I'm looking for an addon that can do this. I want my HoTs and DoTs to be displayed on the screen. Thanks for the help!
  4. How to get gold ?

    Are there any BoEs that can be purchased with VPs? I highly doubt it.
  5. Faces of Feenix Competition!

    iLeik. Yes! Now. Can he get place 1, 2, 3 also? He needs money 'cause he has poor gear and he has stuff to do so he doesnt have time to play. He needs Teebu, as far as I can see. I think he'd appreciate a donation from a fan.
  6. Faces of Feenix Competition!

    Dude. You are drunk. There's this saying.. When two people tell you that you're drunk, you sit down. He did the model of his char. Let's be honest. Even if he'd use a blank white background, he'd still beat the shit out of each and everyone's ass. Seriously, if he made the undead, he could've easily also paint the f***ing background. It's a matter of time. Since this is a lil' fun contest, why'd you be so damn mad about not staying 250h working on the entire project? Look at you, you just did.. well.. some random muscles in MS Paint. Chill out and let it be fun. Feenix community would need a bit of that now and then. Edit: I'm being mean. I apologise. :/
  7. Ban the user above you!

    Banned for being Kira.
  8. Owned is not enough to describe your appeal xD

  9. [Video] Balance druid PVP!

    You, sir, have a fan.
  10. Le priest Annahagberg

    Just.. leave it
  11. Le priest Annahagberg

    I lol'd.. Yes, I'm like.. sooo jelly 'cause you're just a prick with no sense of dignity.