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  1. where is the cart

    What item would that be you're trying to purchase?
  2. As an ally all I can say of Searing Gorge: Kill or be killed.
  3. I have this problem with many games on my computer, and opening 2 WoWs is not a big deal as long as you play on windowed mode and your computer can run two clients without a problem. But the process indeed shows up on the control panel and you can close it there if you want to. After closing the first one and then opening WoW again it should start immediately.
  4. What spec ?

    The tree is protection. Zae I don't know how the stats vary between Vanilla and TBC, but they surely do.
  5. Bandage bug?

    Got this same problem on my mage. Nothing seems to help.
  6. Whining and QQing!

    The message of the OP was that, so please, read before posting.
  7. Businessman's busy and doesn't have much time, but not everyone's in hurry. Btw the search system of these forums (from what I've experienced) is horrible. Typing emerald dream results in twink info, gm applications, sometimes it says "no results found". I don't say you couldn't find info there, but if you, lippz, want to show us you're a part of the body, go on.
  8. Mailed wrong..

    I don't know what they should do to avoid these. Add another "Are you absolutely 100% sure you want to send item(s) to character xxxx?" First you select the character you want to send them, then you confirm it. I know it humps, but it really is your own fault edit: (or then there actually isn't any confirmation, how could I remember so wrong..)
  9. What class?

    I don't know what they're doind they seem to try hard, but it results in nothing. Or then they are trying to camp people in their leveling gear.
  10. Ah yeah, gathering professions don't. ^^
  11. You can always wish that.. But the truth may be hard to face xD
  12. Hunter SP?

    You are a professional programmer, are you? At least you sound like one when saying it doesn't take time.
  13. Just clearly say you've never done those before, if people don't understand it's their fault, not yours. I never did endgame in vanilla retail either and now I'm 1/15 Naxx here, it's not impossible to get into raiding as a newb
  14. No, they eat more gold than give you.
  15. What class?

    ..except those ones who try and try and try, pop their every cooldown, get 15% of your hp off on stunlock and then die in three shots.