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  1. Cdlp 1.

    Best priest on warsong.Knows where to be and what to do dispels fast, turns flags even faster <3. Video is good.
  2. Alakir morning's pvp!

    Funny thing is that you- the biggest ab alt farmer posts this

    I'm looking for skilled hordies to fill the spots in the <Care Bear Border Patrol> group. We can get some nice pvp going on /w Trolicious ingame.
  4. Just in few words, we're a pvp guild lf members to get some premades going.In need of everything skilled atm. Whoever wants invite gets tested in wsg grp and duels for more info /w ingame to Suspense,Febreze,Trolicious.
  5. mage abusing combustion

    And mount bug is bug abuse it and u get banned simple as that.
  6. There is a SS of a mage having stacked combustion to 90% crit that doesn't expire. So what do u think is that bannable? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/809/14424170.png/