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  1. Alterac Valley

    Call Simonich
  2. Time is spam tremor totem
  3. Sooner or later ppl will do that, just a matter of time i believe, unless drop rate gets nerfed (real nerfed i mean) so that no one will even bother to farm
  4. Warsong Online Information

    Nice one pikachu Btw that 48% human, is this wotlk and I didn't know? =( And yea +1 better post statistics from peaks times, I'm interested
  5. Warsong is open!

    I hate to say this but i have to agree, bosses back then were way too easy, all 40man raids were easly puggable, even naxx lol
  6. Hello make vanilla please

    I'm joking with him you know? (as I know him for long time) Sorry if you got that offended And ye believe me I know how deadly right is he
  7. Can't connect

    Vanilla that works with TBC client, makes sense
  8. Hello make vanilla please

    Weren't you all happy playing 2.0? What in the hell did just happen?
  9. Let's make feenix great again

    Vote for north korea goverment
  10. Hello make vanilla please

    It's on probably, but works now with tbc client only
  11. Hello make vanilla please

    That's just me, but I see no reason why new vanilla realm should be 1x, as there are two other servers with same rates, both less than 1 year old even, 1 has very low population (peaking like 500/600), the other one has over 10k sometimes, dunno Also players should not forget that we had a 1x rate realm already, and apparently, it worked well for like 1 year only, but died quickly. I mean the intention was good, but the effect on itself wasn't so much Warsong vanilla was the most viable high rate, not bad population, few annoying bugs but whatever, I'm sure there are ppl who wouldn't mind a fresh new warsong realm
  12. Hello make vanilla please

    Eventually means... next year
  13. hey

    No mass dispell no game