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  1. TrinityBars?

    Bump, ive been looking for this as well for the same reasons so if anyone finds it they will have my everlasting gratitude
  2. Good 2H other than Nightfall

    Go for the Unstoppable Force, its easily the best pre-raid weapon avalable and its is techinically a better weapon than nightfall (for your own dps) nighfall is only supirior in raids because of the boost it gives the overall raid dps through the debuff. not only that but its insanly easy to get, one AV weekend and you can hit exaulted no bother once you're ready to go for nightfall i would say its probbably cheaper to get the mats together, thats what i did and at the time it was significantly cheaper, this however may have changed since then also, even once you have nightfall, unstoppable force is still better for PvP /Rav
  3. BiS pre Raid Enhancement

    thanks dude, id forgotten about that one
  4. BiS pre Raid Enhancement

    Hi guys, its been a loooong time since i played anything on a vanilla server and ive just started playing on the Feenix server in the last couple of days, i was just wondering if anyone had a pre-raid list for enhancement they wouldnt mind sharing. thanks in advance /Rav