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  1. Stronkest D0 team is coming bek for farm T3/T2/R14 team once again. Screenshot coming soon
  3. So premade vs premade was boring shiet coz all ded.... we tried pvp without gear ,still boring ..... So WE WENT PVE WITHOUT GEAR!!!!
  4. Please

    Please stop spam shiet topic ,my chiken topic got deleted ( same for inda drud (( Please dont ruin this forum like 2.4.3 thx inda
  5. where the hump went old post DONT PANIC NEW POST INC Inda drud is back
  6. Tonight 8.30+ need people on ally side mostly
  7. Hello folks horde got big new pvp guild ,we gonna start host premade from monday , Required : mumble engering potion will to kick t3 ally premade for more info ask here or /w indaco/fremrus CENT STOP
  8. Dont roll golds

    So guys ,is addictive ,dont even start to roll gold,one day u will wake up ,roll 10k and lose them is no gud
  9. Censure

    Why so much censure in this part of forum? Dont be shy mod tell us who are u on AA
  10. as title said log and /w inda )
  11. Why no one speak about pvp and just complain about arena ?
  12. wtb powerlevelling on my lv 1 hunter ,paying with gold on warsong or tbc
  13. Was wondering which got lower player for bg time to roll a char here