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  1. Goodbye Feenix

    As some of you may have noticed all of my characters on the vanilla and TBC server have been deleted for almost a full month now. I am sorry to say I am forced to leave this place I invested so much time and love into. I won't go into details why what happened, happened.. all I want to say I will miss every friend and hater on this server! Thanks for the past ~2years of gaming which helped me go through a tough time in my life. A special notice to Alliance PvE heroes <Work in Progress> <Final Exit> <the LEGION> and of course <Great Bulgaria> <egotrip> and <Resurrection Gaming> as well as Nimroth, Athairne and Sideways.
  2. sounds like a skillcapped assasins' circle
  3. Mage pre-raid BiS

  4. Buying Felstriker two times

    bricks were shat
  5. Fidelis having fun in MC

    this vid reminded me of a raid we had in RG a long while ago Ebonroc + Flamegor
  6. kiroildem video

    hump iolwtf really.. XD I dont know how he gets that quality on his vids...
  7. kiroildem video

    good play vs rogues, but editing and quality is horrid
  8. Full Enchants for a Mage

    mage forum best forum
  9. Keybindings

    another way of doing things is getting macros with key modifiers for instance I got this 4 = ice barrier / shift + 4 = mana shield / ctrl + 4 = slow fall 1 = frostbolt / shift + 1 = rank 2 fbolt / ctrl + 1 = rank 1 bolt and so on imo it's the most efficient way of doing things (at least on a laptop cus you have to be very space conservitive, if you want to have visible bars ofc.. but being a PvE hero means I get to respecc everytime i decide to do something other than spam my frostbolt so I'd rather have them visible than re-enable them every time I gotta move things around and change macros)
  10. show me ur best bg stats or best crit, kgo

  11. Only server first that ever mattered for me was C'Thun. Go, be mad and prove me wrong that killing bosses just because of your time zone advantage means something. @Tammany - I don't know why mods still keep an eye-sore like you on the forum, if it was up to me you would be permabanned from the feenix community both in-game and on forums. Calm the hump down and stop pouring petrol in the fire. @Sephyre - Keep up the good work, disregard any haters.
  12. Onyx Idols sorry couldnt help myself
  13. Blinking through the world: ~3g per occurence

    all good mages on this server know that blink is broken and they dont use it, l2p