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  1. I've waited six years for this

    I don't think this will change much on ED. Isn't it the same core they use as on Warsong?
  2. Enhancement offhand discussion

    Can't believe people even argue about which is better... WF will always be best in TBC. Wotlk / Cata is a diffrent story.
  3. Alliance always outnumbered

    Yeh if they ever do this the server will end up with no Alliance at all.
  4. Zulji - I wanna be like you

    Very... -.-
  5. Zulji - I wanna be like you

  6. Alliance always outnumbered

    Either they need to change the number for a bg to pop or remove EOTS / AB... Let a game pop with 10+ people and not with 5-6.. Cause right now it's just retarded.. Impossible for alliance to win.
  7. cant train pet

    You will have to wait untill it gets loyalty.. With each loyalty level it will gain skill points.
  8. Fresh 70

    Farm money while doing the quests. Get into normals when you see people ask for dps. Exalted with thralmar is nice for horde since it has an okish bow. The quest for aldor starts at the north bridge if im not mistaken. If it's not the north one try one of the others. There should be a random npc walking around on the bridge which gives you a quest. If you're 70 the quest probably doesn't show up so just click him and see if he has a quest(human male npc)
  9. bestial wrath macro names

    ZOMGWTFDMG /cast Bestial Wrath /use trinket That's all for me. Would add orc racial if i was an orc tho
  10. Old school world pvp action.

    Honor system came first.. Patch after that Warsong came. I was there when it got released and world pvp in Hillsbrad was awesome! Battleground patch came and it was dead!. Still i think it's up to the players really not the game
  11. Blind blind.... blind blind blind
  12. Older version of AV for ED?

    Would love to see the AV where you got +1 rep for a kill.. :-)
  13. Can we get an update please?

    Screw GW2 It's crap anyway.. Vanilla wow > all
  14. Nyht, rogue pvp trailer

    And get insta banned
  15. Hello Everybody!

    It isn't the most popular. Like Drakon said : Warsong first, Archangel Second and last Al'Akir (instant 60)