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  1. T6 End Bosses (Re)Release Information

    That's true. I hope they'll actually ever listen to the players though. I doubt it to be honest. United
  2. T6 End Bosses (Re)Release Information

    Yes, that might very well be so. I don't know much about that, But the fraction of players currently ready to do end-bosses in T6 is very very low thus I understand if they don't prioritize it high at all. Let's take a look at this, just to see actual numbers. As far as I know, the guilds currently ready (progress-wise) to do end-tier bosses on feenix is Panacea, Revenants, After Dark and Bear where is my bike. A regular raiding guild has maybe 30-35 players (roughly estimated) that is actively raiding. 35x4=140 the average number of players online when I've been online lately is around 1700. Peaking over 2000 while sometimes lower than 1500 too. Either way, the player count on feenix should be way higher than that since I doubt everyone is online 24/7 lets double the number just for fun. 3400 people (still a low estimation considering the online average number) out of which 140 is ready to kill end-tier bosses. Let's see what that gives us. 140/3400=4.1% If they'd spend shitloads of time to satisfy only 4.1% of their current playercount, they'd be doing something wrong I guess. I don't know what they are doing either, and if I were them I would not have released T6 at all with Archimonde and Illidan in their current state, but what I know is that there are PLENTY of other shit that I can understand if they prioritize higher than this. *EDIT* I don't wanna be a jackass or something because I'd also want this shit working already, but I'm saying that I understand if they don't bother with it at the moment! United
  3. T6 End Bosses (Re)Release Information

    If I were feenix, this should be one of the lower prioritized fixes at the moment. Seeing how the server acts I'm amazed it's still populated. T6-end bosses looks ages away if you ask me. I don't know about other people here, but the server stability should realistically be a more prioritized question "from the community" since it actually envelopes us all, while T6-end bosses only matters to very few in the big picture. Make the server work instead of giving it more content that we can't kill anyway due to instability and disconnects 24/7. My 2 cents, United
  4. Are you for real?

    How come you know my reasons for donating?
  5. Are you for real?

    FIX THE DAMN DC's already. This is ridiculous. Yes I'm mad and I'm not alone about it. And no I'm not paying for this service but I'm donating to keep it UP, which it ISN'T....
  6. Hello fellow players of Archangel. I'm writing this on behalf of a Swedish speaking raiding guild called <Frihet>, thus I bed your pardon for continuing this post in Swedish. Frihet är som sagt en svensk raiding-guild på Hordesidan utav Archangel. Vi består utav en stabil grupp spelare av riktigt hög kvalité som tillsammans vill klara av det TBC har att erbjuda i form av PVE-content. För att se till att vi kan fortsätta framåt. Det vi kan erbjuda är seriösa raids där alla har consumables, enchants samt kunskap om bossar. Vi kan erbjuda ett ledarskap som vet vad de pysslar med. Vi kan också erbjuda en duktig core av spelare, med andra ord kommer du som har koll på spakarna att trivas direkt. För tillfället har vi 5/6 bossar på farm i SSC och 2/4 i TK. Tanken är att döda Vashj och sedan fokusera på resterande delar av Tempest Keep för att så snabbt som möjligt kunna gå vidare in i T6-content. I dagsläget tar vi emot exceptionella applications från alla klasser, men mages och rogues har vi relativt fullt med. Schemat för raids är som följer: Måndag 18:45-22.30 Onsdag 18:45-22.30 Söndag 18:45-22.30 För att fördela loot använder vi Loot Council med målet att varje item ska hamna hos den personen vars uppgradering gynnar guilden mest. Vår hemsida kan man hitta här: Väl mött, Frihet-Crew
  7. Nightbane, Best group dynamic?

    You'll require a heavy melee group because the adds that spawns in the air-phase is immune to spells. Good luck
  8. As in officer in Sacrilege, I would say we would need Druids if something. Roll a tree
  9. Server Maintenance

    Id say the crashes are totally random.
  10. About morogrim. What Naturel said is true according to Sacrilege tries as well. But it's not as easy as Naturel sais, it's even worse because the invisible watery grave debuff also stacks, so if the same person has it twice, he will get double the damage and also splash twice as much damage to everyone within 10 yards around him.
  11. they fixed the dns system

    On behalf of every <Sacrilege> player. I'd just want to say thank you feenix for a good job working to sort the DDOS-attacks out! Impressive.
  12. The problem is just as big as the problem that people are talking "likez thiz allz thez timez". This hurts my eyes. Write proper English or GTFO.
  13. wtf o.O

    Insert the right short-cut and it should work
  14. Clearly a crap guild do you have terrain distance set to minimum? Cause that fixes some freezes atleast although mostly other forms of freezes, but it's wort a try!