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  1. Hey, ever heard of Google? Smartass comment aside, the NPC is found on the north bridge out of Shattrath.
  2. Missing Addon Button

    Check that your addon isn't inside another folder in that folder. Could be since it's labeled "pack".
  3. Badge Farming in Silithus - Join in!

    And.. of which faction you may be?
  4. cenarion hold bugged?

    Eh.. may be a stupid question but do you have "At War" checked with Cenarion Circle?
  5. What is the hit cap for raiding for Warlocks?

    fffuuu I need to check the forum I'm posting in.
  6. Dreadsteed quest issues!

    Yeah, it does attack you. I recall you could loot something off it? Or perhaps it's important that you make the first and/or last damaging hit on it.. Not sure because I didn't have any problem with that part. >.<
  7. Dreadsteed quest issues!

    Glad to hear that, also remember that after you've been in Scholo to kill the imp, you only need to buy the glyph of summoning from the vendor for the last part. Or even better, find a random warlock who's done their quest and saved the glyph! The whole summoning process and protecting the imp business doesn't work here, you only need to summon the horsie, kill it and be done with it.
  8. Warlock epic mount quest

    I've just now realised that I've replied to 2.4.3 forums with how I know it works on Warsong.. so please, ignore what I said as I've never done this mount quest on Archangel. >.<
  9. class help

    I'll start by saying that there are too many fury warriors and rogues already on the server, PvE-wise.. choose any other class/spec and you won't have a hard time finding groups. Note, this is my experience on Warsong, I don't know about Emerald Dream but I imagine it's not far from the truth. But onto the questions, no, Arms is not viable in PvE, but in PvP it is. About the professions, pick up 2 gathering professions when you start and pick up everything you see while leveling, sell it on AH. Only buy the necessary skills that you actually use while leveling. When you hit 60, Alchemy is probably the "easiest" choice of crafting professions, it always helps to be able to gather and make your own consumables. The other crafting professions like BS, LW or Taloring kind of require you to get high reputation with some factions, to gain access to the "moneymaker"-recipes.. I hope this was helpful to you in some way.
  10. Warlock epic mount quest

    Nah, you do need a full group and although there are ways to get through, I'd suggest just taking the time to kill Rattlegore for the key.
  11. Warlock epic mount quest

    Yes you do. Kill the imp that spawns, loot the thingie and you're off to the last part where you only need the glyph and summon the horsie, kill it and complete the quest. :>
  12. Very painful lag.

    You're right, it's the server. My guildies and myself have all felt the lag the past couple days, but only in the evenings. So one could think the server is just attracting more players again which is causing the lag, or there's just some kid ddosing again after being done with homework and dinner mommy made him. :3
  13. Apart from getting 2x points from crafting professions (that's all I could think of atm), yes, it is blizzlike.
  14. Addons

    There's an option in the Sound Options, enable sound at character. Try switching that on or off. About Auctioneer though, I don't use it myself and I doubt there's an alternative.. but if you really want to make sure everything's put there for the right price, just do it manually I guess.
  15. Need help with identifying an addon

    That's TrinketMenu.