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  1. Where my Alakir peepl at?

  2. bzt HWL

    I voted on everyone .
  3. Legends of Al'kyr pvp

    very moving
  4. Best BG Players 2015

    I vote this to be the best best player topic
  5. ALAKIR Best players of each class

    Bloodlord... you dont get it.... we are the threade...
  6. Al'Akir Courthouse

  7. bye vidya

    worth a watch, take care

    glad sen midsommar
  9. Rogue PvP Clips

    League players DansGame
  10. Crossrealm Battlegrounds

    haha yeah it's been a month soon since it was 90% so I was thinking mabe its 91% now?
  11. Crossrealm Battlegrounds

    Is this still happening?
  12. Cypris High Warlord Duels Video

    nic binds
  13. Doing a few bgs yesterday facing somewhat high ranked hunters who literally uses S more than W (not even exaggerating) and looking at the pve videos posted, how can they shit talk anyone? :Z
  14. HWL Shockmang

    I dont get it, he's HWL and he doesn't even have a mount?