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  1. Alliance Battlegrounds always lose

    just to fix your story legronat. 3 marks is 225 honor (75 each since you need 4 marks total to hand in for 310 honor) and you are so right about we wont fail if people do it right, so 10 man def 10 man towers + galv 20 man drek = win and 800 bonus honor. and only by this way you can get your 1k honor but as mentioned its not AV which is the problem its eots/ab/wsg you wont be able to claim the 310 honor from Concerted efforts if ppl dont go and play 15/10 man Bgs wouldnt it be more for to you if your team actually had a chance 10-10 15-15 ? its less close to 50% of all bgs i play is lost due to outnumbered players
  2. Alliance Battlegrounds always lose

    Did you even read his post? he is not asking for horde to leave, but he is asking for the possibility for hordes to change their character to alliance which would make the games more epic. you are apparently either fine about the fact horde are winning 90% of all bgs because they outnumber alliance. and also, when did you last time kill 3 hordes by your self? and to Legronat, 63 honor each tower, 63 honor for galv, where a win could be 800 bonus honor, so why not give it a go? if you fail and only get the towers you will gain maybe 200 bonus honor, if you win you get 800.... so where is it this strategy is stupid?
  3. Alliance Battlegrounds always lose

    I do agree with you Dilinger and i love your idea about a one way faction change horde -> alliance, the BGs wouldnt be overloaded with 15 hordes 6 alliance, its not fun for either of the teams, farming 11-17k honor is not fun if there is no challenge, neither does it give you an opportunity to get some epic fights. also i remember during vanilla there was like som function that if only 5 alliance players joined a bg like wsg for an example. then only 5-7 horde players was able to join, till another alliance joined the battleground.
  4. Respec resaults in this:

    you will need to kill lvl 51+mobs to get your weapon skill up
  5. Addons for a PVE hunter?

    Nice Thanks Pwnarcher
  6. Addons for a PVE hunter?

    Hey fellow hunters! im looking for a few addons that are usefull for me in PvE i hope you will share some with me Thanks in advance
  7. AQ20 ossi run 18.2. with VU

    lets make another raid anyways?!
  8. Mage PvE spec there ya go
  9. AH sales

    The auction house's is linked, and you get your money after a little while
  10. LVL 19 TWINK

    Hi. Me and some friends are going to make twinks lvl 19, and was hoping that some of you guys would like to twink with us, we are Horde. i hope that some on the alliance faction wants to join us aswell Feel free to whisper me ingame Assnner
  11. check his name its "assSnner clearly a troll
  12. don't trust him he is trolling with you guys... im Assnner check my name if u do not belive me