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  1. Emerald Dream Faction

    Alliance. I would make a shaman, but that's horde only and I will never roll anything but a Draenei Shaman . Not sure what class I should go though, debating between these: Night Elf / Human Holy Priest Night Elf Protection Warrior Human Warlock Night Elf Druid Human Holy Paladin Which one gaiz? I'm fond of any of those choices really. Kind of sick and tired of flash and lesser heal spam with shield + renew though.
  2. Players do it for multiple reasons, but I honestly think most do it because in their head they are EXTREMELY funny, while in reality they sound REALLY stupid. It's just a fad and will eventually die out and only the older "Trolls" will continue to use it. If I'm not mistaken, it started this year or last year by that Donald Duck comic that purposefully miss-spell everything.
  3. Kung Fu Panda 3

    Surprisingly not everyone here is hating on Mists of Pandaria, nice to see some people have open minds . The cinematic wasn't anything like the previous ones though, it was more comical and exaggerated. Still good, but not the repeated theme of "SUPER SERIOUS" we've had since the Cataclysm trailer.
  4. Doesn't that just increase how far you can zoom out, not how far the fog / distance rendered in the engine? And it seems on of the console commands to increase the farclip is this: /console farclip Value or SET farclip setting "Value" Taken from the WoWWiki of course. It increases the distance the terrain renders, but the fog is still in the way. Use the SET command inside your config file that's in your WTF folder.
  5. Don't we kill all the bosses so quickly now in Cataclysm (And soon to be MoP) due to the fact of testing the raiding content religiously to the point of where they pretty much can do it under-geared? I don't remember that happening in TBC and classic, so I guess that explains the late content completion.
  6. Just have to make the gold and respec whenever you want to or whoever else wants you to. humps, always did, but you just grit your teeth and get over it.
  7. Blood elf Paladin?

    Well, if you plan on being a horde paladin you have no choice so... Yes, blood elf is the best horde paladin.
  8. Awesome video! Love how paladins are able to tank in classic .
  9. What class will you roll...?

    Not sure if I should play Alliance or Horde. I'll definately be playing every class (Dungeon runs for fun), but not sure which for raiding.
  10. Model Swapper

    You can go onto other sites and view their older threads (Posts) to edit and move models around and edit them. The files needed and required to edit .MPQ's, M2's and many other files within .MPQ's. It's not as easy as plopping a .patch into your data folder though, like some custom servers require you to have, you literally have to disect them and change the files to show what you want. If you feel like model swapping personally, just go ahead and google it. It's not hard to find the how-to's from 2006. I'd suggest you just reinstall WoW so you don't have to deal with this. But that's just me.
  11. Pink is obviously the best color. Both men and women alike agree to this.
  12. If what I've seen (Testing wise, rumor wise, proof wise), the server will easily take up at least a 500 player spot on a daily notice if the server itself becomes very bug free and smooth. It was 1,000 strong on the first release and stayed around 800 for a month (if I remember correctly) before dying down because of the buggy core and all the (Unfortunately) broken progression that was planned. Oh well, I have high hopes for the new development. I still play on 2.4.3 anyways, sooo~. Can't wait.
  13. Probably SK Gaming's Kil'Jaeden video.
  14. I'm sorry but I can't take any of this seriously knowing you're a fan of cat girls. Otherwise the whole post made me smile, and gl with your recruitment.
  15. Play a warlock, mages and rogues are fun if you can stick out like a sore thumb amongst the rest or go cherry picking throughout many guilds to get into. I've also been told many people always say go Restoration Druid for starter healers, yet it's the most wanted healer... Maybe that?