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  1. world pvp during raid

    ok deal:)
  2. Are you not ashamed?

    ur mom doesnt count dusch
  3. Are you not ashamed?

    it only game:) ps vahina +from me cuz big player cu in wsg:))))
  4. WANTED: More Alliance PvPers

    Not sure if you're trolling, Fuj, but regardless quit your bitching and we'll meet in the gulch you old dog.
  5. As the topic title states. The queues for hordies are awful.
  6. Warrior

    pls go ally
  7. Streaming on Emerald dream

    Could you list & link your addons, please?
  8. I honestly think you'll be better off going alliance. And tell your friends to go alliance, too.
  9. Server first 60, When?

    If I keep this up, I'll be level 40 before december.
  10. Traincow etc in WSG

    It's more like 100%.
  11. OMG it does not work yet :O

    I am encountering the same issue. My realmlist is changed, I can login on the Emerald Dream website with the account but not in-game. Help? Edit: I'm not using the Feenix launcher.
  12. Nah, but I needed a new computer. Good timing, eh?
  13. Haha, yeah I did, I can give you the specs if you want.