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  1. Kirin Tor Rings

    Ulduar is correct, but there's no ilvl 219. It's 200 (release) > 213 (Ulduar) > 226 (ToC) > 251 (ICC)
  2. Mobs with no loot/Despawning to quick

    Never had this problem. How long do you wait with looting or which mobs are you killing?
  3. coh priests dont need pushback protection, so all rshamans are with the holy paladin
  4. How do you handle specialisation?

    I had the same problem on the TBC server...i think the problem is the same. Getting the spec quest is 2 staged and 1 stage is irreversible. The first quest starts in Thrallmar and will send you to the repective alchemist. When this is finished at the respective specialist the second quest will start. When you are at this stage you can't abandon it, you need to finish the quest! Even unlearning alchemy and re-leveling it won't solve the problem...you are stuck with the quest and need to finish it! When you are done you can change the spec.
  5. Frost DK Pre-Raid BiS List

    Ye, this stuff takes lots of work! I see if my can find my old lists and see if i can post them aswell. GJ so far!
  6. Frost DK Pre-Raid BiS List

    Hey, although i'm playing a different talent spec there are some items I can't agree on. First of you are using the 2 JC items. Imho ArP is pretty useless for Frost DKs pre-ICC in general and it's not very useful if you are not stacking it. The badge neck is far superior in my opinion and for the ring you should absolutely go for the Gundrak HC one. In your setup you are preferring ArP over Expertise which is kinda weird. For the cloak Shroud of Reverberation from HoL HC is the better option because of Expertise Because of my different spec I'll prefer plate items so the plate emblem belt would be the better option. Mirror of truth is a total shitty trinket with a proc rate of ~10%, getting Meteorite Whetstone is better The last thing that got me wondering is why you didn't choose the T7 pieces for emblems? You can get the chest and the gloves which not only offer great stats but also the 2pc bonus. I know they aren't yet released, but they will be today. I assume your list was meant to stay so I'd definitely add them to the list. In general the usage of old tools like rawr is kinda meh. DK guides and stat priority lists suffer from the many talent and glyph changes between patches 3.0 and 3.3.5. We are playing 3.3.5 content but the gear and content we are playing is T7. So if you find a great guide like the old Elitistjerks ones you should always have to keep this in mind. Same goes with talents. You wrote you are using 0/53/18 probably with BcB which is supposed to be the top dps spec according to old guides. But these guides assume you are raiding T10 and have T10 itemization. I'm using 15/56/0 which shouldn't be ahead of you spec but still is. In the last years I raided T7-T9 content in 10man and 25man on a different private server (starting with a D) and all Frost DKs use this spec. The reason behind it is generating a max amount of Runicpower for Frost Strikes and getting the best out of Bladed Armor. Well...just my 2 copper...
  7. Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking

    Maybe you should read it...the post and the Talent planer (it has 6 points to spare). And there's also reasoning for it. Second...if you would have read it, you would know, that I didn't write it. To make it easy for you, I copied his reasoning on Will of the Necropolis...and I agree to what he's writing. What's your reasoning behind your argument?
  8. Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking

    yep thats the same...I'd prefer to stayon this forum though and not linking to a different server project
  9. Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking

    UI Modifications and Macros
  10. Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking

    Tanking Stats and Weapon Runes
  11. Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking

    Under-utilized Death Knight Tools for Tanking
  12. Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking

    Unholy Tanking: I have a bone to pick with you?
  13. Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking

    Frost Tanking: Like Pounding a Block of Solid Ice
  14. Comprehensive Guide to Death Knight Tanking

    The Blood Tank: I Got Healz!