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  1. Rogue BiS

  2. Rogue BiS

    I stand by what I've written in the guide The spreadsheet used there is based on blizzlike values and is 100% correct according to the most popular spreadsheet in patch 2.4.3. That spreadsheet is my reference point as there are no other place I could get such a tool to compare items and get calculated information from. How things are at Feenix I'm not one to say as I don't play here myself anymore, but I've written in the guide that you need to take into account that private servers work differently. I'm especially thinking about proc rates and bugged spells/talents. Anyone remember Sunder Armor + Expose Armor stack? If you are unsure about how a proc works at Archangel or if there's some formulas that work differently here then you need to work out those on your own. Use the guide as a reference point as to how it was in Blizzards version of the game, but common sense should tell you that if Dragonmaw is having 100% uptime it would be better than what it was in blizzards version ^^ The cloaks however are simple to work with and it should still be Shadowmoon's Drape coming out at top. Hit rating doesn't lose any value untill it's at the hit cap. Also mind the dynamic scaling of stats and compare gearitems as a part of your whole gearset, not as individual items based on total EP value or +attack power alone. Always look for what increases the total damage output of your current gearset regardless of the stats on the item (dyanamic scaling again).
  3. Rogue BiS

    Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape is and will always be better than Thalassian Wildercloak UNLESS you have improved Faerie Fire (+3%hit) from a Balance Druid in your raid. Even with Draenei Presence (+1% hit) you'd still have a bigger benefit of Shadowmoon Destroyer's Drape after you re-socket two Rigid Lionseye to Glinting Pyrestone to lower your hitrating below 28% and upping your agility by 10. If you are one of the few who have a balance druid in your raidsetup you will have to change out not only the cloak, but a lot of other pieces aswell and you will have to resocket a lot of gems aswell. But I've written that in the guide already and those who it should be relevant to should already have started playing with a spreadsheet of their own.
  4. LF Auctionator for 1.12.1

    That I don't doubt, 'cause auctioneer and auctionator are two entirely different addons
  5. LF Auctionator for 1.12.1

    You won't find a working version of Auctionator for 1.12. The earliest release was at 2.4.0
  6. [PvE] - A Progressive Gear Guide

    I will no longer update the guide on this forum. You can find an updated version of it over at
  7. Emerald Dream: PvP Standings

    This is absolutely fantastic. Very well done, guys! Is this something that later on could be ported to 2.4.3 aswell? Would be very interested in seeing that
  8. [PvE] - A Progressive Gear Guide

    If i were to go PvE dagger I would use this spec It is the best dagger raiding spec there is and it outperforms your spec by quite a bit. The playstyle you described I'm sure would work wonders for you, but it's a mathematical inferior playstyle/spec to that of the regular combat dagger.
  9. [PvE] - A Progressive Gear Guide

    -- Update 20.07 - Added a new link for the 2.4.2 Spreadsheet. - Re-arranged Pre-Karazhan EP numbers to its proper values. - Exchanged some items in the Pre-Karazhan Most Beneficial Gear Setup section. - Added Vengeance Wrap
  10. Rate the song above you.

  11. Grips of Deftness

    Lol, you are everywhere
  12. Grips of Deftness

    Oh my... You guys... lol
  13. different weapon types in mh

    Fool's Bane won't appear in the MH-list if you've set your weapon type to swords. You could either change the weapon type settings to Fist or you could just write in Fool's Bane manually and the spreadsheet will detect it.
  14. [PvE] - A Progressive Gear Guide

    Yeah, that #4 setup is a DPS increase after dynamic scaling. Will edit the post to reflect that. I won't include epic heroic gems in my post calcs, but it should be common sense that 5 agi / 4hit is better than 4 agi / 4hit. Thanks for pointing out the misscalcs.