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  1. BiS Pre AQ40 Nature Resistance Gear

    Can someone confirm the post above?
  2. After years of playing on this server, patiently waiting for the day where one of the most useful features is fixed on this server, I am disappointed. Click-to-Move is still broken. Why is it still broken. Especially as a tank, I need Click-to-Move. I am too busy clicking my abilities with my mouse hand to use the arrow keys. Would someone please help me.
  3. Tips for tanking?

    While it may be taboo, I use cleave and whirlwind as a tank. Spaming demo shout can also have results. Just make sure your healer is comfortable when you use whirlwind.
  4. Best in Slot Gear

    I am not looking for Pre-Raid, I am looking for best gear in the game that is obtainable. This means all the way up to, and including, Kel'Thuzzad. I am looking for it for all Specs, mainly tanking and fury duel wield, but fury 2h, arms PVE/PVP would nice too. if anyone feels up for it a list of consumables/enchants for each spec would be awesome as well. Sincerely, - Dwarfed
  5. So I've never actually played in retail vanilla. The only vanilla experience I have is from servers like this. I regularly read the patch logs and bug reports because I enjoy knowing the mechanics of the game/server. I am rather in-experienced with programming, but I am interested in how the game functions on a technical level. So I have decided that in my free time I will work on scripting my own private server. So how do you guys know what it was like back in the day, and to such detail? Is it all memory or do you use databases such as Aowow.org? All constructive comments are welcome. Sincerely, - Dwarfed P.S. I understand the severity of advertising other servers, so let me be clear that I am in no way advertising my own. It will only ever be a LAN server that noone but myself and a few IRL friends will play on. If the server administrators feel that this post violates any policy regarding advertisement or anything, please feel free to delete this. I am not asking for your code, I just wish to know your sources on how it was like on Blizzard servers. If that is private, delete this post.
  6. Another hit scope post

  7. Dodge vs. Parry

    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.
  8. Dodge vs. Parry

    Hey, been a while since I made a post. So I have been wondering about the defensive value of Dodge vs. Parry. I realize that parry is better due to the fact that you gain a 50% swing timer decrease follow a successful parry. However I am talking pure survival. I heard parry has less diminishing returns than dodge does thus making it better, however that was from a retail website. Does this still stand true in 1.12.1, Cheers!
  9. Bank Add-on

    Hi, this is an interesting request. I am looking for an Add-on that will allow you create custom "bags" that one could reapportion the number of slots in from the total amount of slots you have a available (almost identical to the way Discord Action Bars handles how many buttons per bar). For example, let's say my bank has six 16 slots bags in it. The total number of slots available would 120. I want to create a separate bag for my Fire Resist set, which contains 8 pieces of gear. So I apportion 8 out of my total 120 slots to be a bag for FR gear that I can show/hide like one can with any normal bag in their bank. I could make more bags using my remaining 112 slots. Thoughts? Cheers! - Dwarfed
  10. The last post was a few months ago, so I'm not sure if this is still active. While I don't actually want to buy any gear, how much would it be to buy brood rep from hated to neutral. I don't feel like spending 30 days farming carapaces. Thanks.
  11. BRD, arena.

    When me and a group were clearing prison block to complete ony attunement, we found the orc in the room underneath the arena where the hound master lives. Hope that helps.
  12. Attunments

    Is this implying there is a possibility that they will not be required?
  13. Goodbye

  14. 2 LIVE CREW