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  1. XP-rates on Warsong

    ok, thank you
  2. XP-rates on Warsong

    Why would i ever want to buy gear? isnt the whole point of a vanilla realm to experience .......vanilla..... ?
  3. Hey! I've been trying to set my XP rate to *1 in the gift shop for my Warsong char, but it seems like i only have access to my archangel chars. Any1 know how to do it?
  4. PVE Combat Swords Gemming

    the cap for ur hit are at 363 with precision. Back in retail tbc when i did my tests agility became better somewhere between 320 and 340 hit.
  5. off hand weapon in t5

    Latros and S1 are bout the same dps, but imo S1 are a bit ahead, and its purple!!
  6. Ye, tis in the bugtracker but closed 4 months ago saying it was fixed, been there about once a week since checking if its doable yet, but still cant be compleated...
  7. PvE Gemming

    true, my post are only for combat speccs
  8. PvE Gemming

    The only gems u should be using are the rigid dawnstone (8hit), Glinting noble topaz (4agi/4hit) and shifting Nightseye (4agi/6stam) Only use the nightseye to get ur meta to work, other than that rigid or glinting if its an awesome socket bonus
  9. oh god this made me so sad, to think that ill never again experience what i did in TBC, what happend to u Blizz?
  10. Is it true that...

    Must say that ur rly lucky if u ever find anything worth stealing in a lockbox been lockpicking on this server since the old core and the best ive ever seen are a couple of boe blues which arnt rly worth that much....
  11. Trusted Crafters List

    I usually do some lockpicking for ppl on org bank roof on Luzzilla (Horde) charge 5g/box
  12. pre quests for THe EYE

    Havnt been into sp for awile, any1 know if the ssc attunement guy has spawned yet?
  13. pre quests for THe EYE

    which rly humps, 1 of the reasons im playing on a tbc server instead of regular wow are that i loved to do the attunements to the raids here.
  14. Trusted Crafters List

    Enchanting surefooted on Luzzilla (horde)
  15. To the guys that have it: did it drop on this core or the old core? trying to figure out if its just that u cant get it anymore.