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  1. New Player!

    Can't believe nobody spotted that earlier.
  2. New Player!

    Oh. You can't buy gold on Archangel. I must have thought this was in the 1.12 forum. Sorry!
  3. macro

    /cast Scatter Shot /script PetPassiveMode() /script PetFollow()
  4. Cant feed Pet

    Did you go see if your hunter trainer had it for you?
  5. gear

    It's not uncommon for new players to reach level 60 in a set of grey gear. The solution would be to constantly fight monsters that are lower level than you if you can't survive against the ones the same level as you.
  6. safe add-on download package...?

    Weird. and
  7. Well then... I guess you've made your decision.
  8. conflagrate buged??

    Priest: https://github.com/FeenixServerProject/Archangel_2.4.3_Bugtracker/issues/1140, https://github.com/FeenixServerProject/Archangel_2.4.3_Bugtracker/issues/580 Mage: https://github.com/FeenixServerProject/Archangel_2.4.3_Bugtracker/issues/1136 You can add one for Conflag too if it's not currently on the issue tracker. (I didn't look very hard.)
  9. blackingsmithing problem

    Take note that the lowest skill level to learn the Imperial Plate recipes are Imperial Plate Belt and Imperial Plate Shoulders at 265.
  10. I was pretty sure the Superior Mana Potion recipe doesn't exist. (https://github.com/ServerProject/Phoenix_1.12.1_Issue_tracker/issues/) I don't believe they ever added it. The ghost outside Scholomance (that requires Spectral Essence to interact with) only sells the Major Mana Potion recipe.
  11. Did you try deleting your WTF folder as well? There was a similar thread posted, and that seemed to have helped the other person.
  12. cant chat

    Did you try turning your addons off too, like Ex suggested? There may be one that's blocking your chat.
  13. cant chat

    Can you manually /join General?
  14. Oh. I have no idea why I randomly attributed it to Winterfall E'ko when you didn't specifically mention it. Yeah, I haven't actually come across any other E'kos but haven't specifically been looking for them either. I do recall Wildkin E'kos having terrible droprates, though.
  15. That thread gives all the information we know / all the information they want to tell us.