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  1. Sarrik 6 - World PvP

    dat Taken 2 intro :>
  2. bragging? I'm afraid you don't know what that means.
  3. What is ur Favorite TV show?

    Elite list: - The Soprano's - Breaking Bad - Band of Brothers - The Wire - Oz - Mad Men - Homeland - Boardwalk Empire - Six Feet Under - Game of Thrones - Sons of Anarchy - Deadwood - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Parks and Recreation - Summer Heights High - Eastbound and Down - Arrested Development - An Idiot Abroad - Allo Allo - Black Adder - Californication - Community - Curb your Enthusiasm - Fawlty Towers - Louis - Lucky Louis - Misfits - Seinfeld - Modern Family - That 70's show - Two and a Half Men - Shameless (UK & US) - The Office (UK & US) - Wilfred - Peep Show - The IT crowd - Suits - Archer - Bob's Burgers
  4. Rate the song above you.

    you obviously didn't watch clip
  5. Rate the song above you.

    7,5/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlIB1RUs_pU just watch clip kk

    It better be .. I'm waiting
  7. there you go. Wrong place to post your movie if you don't care about anyone's opinion but your friends'. The funny thing is, I don't even think you're a BAD pally but I have no words for how bad that movie is. There is no butthurt, there is no trolling.. only ppl pointing out how bad it was and you reacting like an illiterate child, humiliating yourself.
  8. this this And by reading your reactions on ppl posting their honest opinion you totally lost me man. I'm not even giving your 'next movie' a chance.
  9. FD / trap Macro bug ?

    Make an issue on bug tracker, this isn't the right place if you want anything to be done about it. https://github.com/ServerProject/Phoenix_1.12.1_Issue_tracker/issues?labels=Class.Hunter&state=open
  10. Premades vs Premades

    It's cause I wasn't there
  11. Premades vs Premades

    1hr30min pure focus awesome game idd
  12. Rate the song above you.

    7,5/10 nice beat, I like the piano touch they gave it
  13. Rate the song above you.

    7/10 I'm not into dubstep but I actually enjoyed this one. (skip to 3min if beginning bores you )
  14. Rate the song above you.

    3/10 not my kind of music, at all