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  1. Sorry to dissapoint you, but the chance of you getting the gold back without gm assistance is 1:1000 ish. Most people on the internet just don't care to be nice.

    Pvp with commentary

    Can u make trick2g style videos 2?
  4. Is the merge happening?

    It's not a real problem. Some people will spend nothing and sit tight with a lot of gold, others will spend everything on flying mounts etc. So everyone except a few will have gold left a month after the merge. Which means cheap AH prices for all in the end :))
  5. Seal of Command

    Maybe link your thread aswell next time so we by chance can roast you if there is anything wrong about your post on the github?
  6. Community Update

    I am a little curious about the Merging of storm to AA. As many players and developers know, old warsong and al'akir had massive gold inflation from voting and PvP. People on warsong even came to AA trading gold 2:1 scale or maybe even 3:1. Will you limit the gold transfer at the merge? Because vanilla gold is worth less due to the inflated gold.
  7. [Archangel 2.4.3] List of trusted crafters.

    Lanpan Alliance: Enchanting. Got most of the enchants world/dungeon drops + soulfrost, moongoose.
  8. Disconnect Problem
  9. Guild advertisment ^.^ Btw. Skriv (A) / (H) i titelen ut i fra faction.
  10. WTB Full Bloodvine set

    If i were a bloodvine crafter on al'akir, i would rather sell you all 3 pieces for 350g each than all for 1k ^^
  11. Best server to start

    Such big population on al'akir lawl.
  12. It is always worth trying something new. If you haven't played since wotlk, u will have alot of content to catch up to as lvling, redesigned dungeons etc. It is totally worth trying an expansion what ever other says.
  13. Ret PvP Guide

    Most people that wants to try ret PvP are moat likely not interesstes in reading everything there is to know about the class. You should try to separate details from the the raw ideas by using spoilers. to tired too run through this now, but may come with more suggestions. I personally would not read this much for getting started with something new. Either way I am sure there is alot of things here I do not know, so gj.