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  1. Shadow Priest List+Bis Naxxramas

    He did at least make an effort to pin-point people in the right direction rather than being an all knowing twatt that can't even mention an improvement without being obnoxious.
  2. Warrior Macros for General Use

    This work for arena macro if you like to keep it at 1 button sted of haveing 3 intervene buttons? /cast [modifier:shift, target= Party1 ] intervene /cast [modifier:ctrl, target= Party2 ] intervene /cast [ nomodifier:shift, nomodifier:ctrl, target= Party3 ] intervene
  3. It seems a lot of people are unaware of how feenix's rules acctually are working and that there are more to them than the eye meet. I though i would make a quick list of what players can and cannot do based on most common believes brought from retail wow or other servers(Or don't care about them rules, lol). (P.S: I am not part of the Feenix staff and i am not entiteled in any ways to slam anyone nor tell you what you can't do. This is just an example list of what i know/think i know, and is not certainly the truth nor the standard for what is regulated/bannable/punishable. So take what you read with a grain of salt ) Ruining others gameplay: Here are possibly most of the offences standing. There are no rules specifically saying you can't AFK farm battlegrounds, but you can get banned for it because it is under the category "ruining other's game experience" - You can't gank people constantly even if you want to. 10 times is sayed to be the maximum by some, but who knows ( This is not counted if there is a reason for the ganking. Like Veins and herbs) - You can't scam people. (Trick someone to do something which makes them loose something while being rewarded nothing in an agreement) Masterloot: The biggest bann trapp is based on raid leaders. Most raid leaders don't have any idea about this, but MS/OS does not mean that spirit is reserved cloth users or that mp5 is only for healers. The rule for masterlooting is that you always have to clear with your group who can get what items before the raid starts, if not, there wont be any restrictions to who is "allowed" what. Here are some examples: - You can't loot bann someone unless you state that being a thing before the raid/group starts. - There are no such thing as an "max item per person" restriction unless you mention so before the raid starts. - You can't sett class preference unless you state so. Which mentioned above based on certain off-stats. (A mage can't roll leather if a druid needs it tho, because it will then be "ruining someone elses gameplay". And MS/OS still counts as long as everyone is aware what people are going to preferably roll for. If you are a prot pala, you don't role holy gear if there is a holy pala that needs it. And you can't roll 2 stat types MS. The reason being, if you mainly play prot and comes as holy, i may not know that and get upset that you had a personal agreement without mentioning so). - YOU CAN'T CHANGE LOOTRULES. If you have set the loot rules, there are no going back. I joined your raid under that agreement, not this. - Guild combined with pugg: If you have loot council in your guild, you can't include puggers in those rules unless they agree to do so. What ever was writen on your guild forum does not matter. - You cannot reserve items without mentioning so BEFORE the raid. A lot of raid leaders think that not rolling on the key for Eye of eternity is ok because they are going to host it later. This does not mean you are going to get banned for looting green items from thrash, even if you should set group loot on thrash (Or include it in your loot rules.) Those are some of the things i have seen people get banned for in the past, rules which i have picked up from Warsong, ED and archangel over a periode of 5-6 years. If they are incorrect, feel free to say so. And if i forgot something, just go ahead and remind me. I am not going to include obvious offences on the list. For those of you that disagree with this list, just consider that there are just so many people you can make angry until you have nobody left to play with. Also meaning, ruining the server population which already is low. There aint 12 million players you can offend, there are no server transfers, and no name change. So be nice and play safe
  4. Hello! I'm Gyrianth!

    Welcome to pheenix! Community is great. But as you may know, wow players are wow players whereever you go. Some are great, others are not so great. Only played alliance so far on the server, so cannot say much about horde side. (You should roll alliance if you want to even out the faction imbalance) Have a nice nostalgia )))
  5. Does this mean i will get my old characters on Vanilla and still have a copy of them on TBC?
  6. No blizzlike retro server is ever going to last. There is just so much content to add, thus it can't be blizzlike and funny in the long run. Personally, i would love a level 60 fun server that starts with the vanilla content, and insted of adding expeansions with lvls Etc, rather add the best content or custom content that agrees with the lore. Doing Lich king with a 40 man 60 raid would be awesome. Gl to ED tho.
  7. Hey, contact me somehow on any of the forums. I am looking forward to hear from ya soon. Got some new task, this time from me :)

    1. FRB


      Ill be at it. Just Message me the details.

  8. question

    If you are not geared, doing any mashups are a waste of time. Druids are great tanks, but you need a full build to tank properly and heal properly without gear. Here are some suggestions:
  9. Hacked.

    First of all, follow those steps. -Make a thread in the account issue section. -Post your account ID in your post. (not the login name!) -Explain what happend, or if anyone have had access/you shared account info with someone. -The time of when the hacking happend is important, else you will have to prove what you lost with images.
  10. Sorry to dissapoint you, but the chance of you getting the gold back without gm assistance is 1:1000 ish. Most people on the internet just don't care to be nice.
  11. It's that time of year again, folks!

    U want fan mail 2? just post your address and we promise not to swat you

    Pvp with commentary

    Can u make trick2g style videos 2?