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  1. Hey, contact me somehow on any of the forums. I am looking forward to hear from ya soon. Got some new task, this time from me :)

    1. FRB


      Ill be at it. Just Message me the details.

  2. question

    If you are not geared, doing any mashups are a waste of time. Druids are great tanks, but you need a full build to tank properly and heal properly without gear. Here are some suggestions:
  3. Hacked.

    First of all, follow those steps. -Make a thread in the account issue section. -Post your account ID in your post. (not the login name!) -Explain what happend, or if anyone have had access/you shared account info with someone. -The time of when the hacking happend is important, else you will have to prove what you lost with images.
  4. Sorry to dissapoint you, but the chance of you getting the gold back without gm assistance is 1:1000 ish. Most people on the internet just don't care to be nice.
  5. It's that time of year again, folks!

    U want fan mail 2? just post your address and we promise not to swat you

    Pvp with commentary

    Can u make trick2g style videos 2?
  8. Banner Request

    What kind of photo would you like? Edit: Already started so, nvm. Edit: Submission sent :))
  9. Is the merge happening?

    It's not a real problem. Some people will spend nothing and sit tight with a lot of gold, others will spend everything on flying mounts etc. So everyone except a few will have gold left a month after the merge. Which means cheap AH prices for all in the end :))
  10. Seal of Command

    Maybe link your thread aswell next time so we by chance can roast you if there is anything wrong about your post on the github?
  11. Community Update

    I am a little curious about the Merging of storm to AA. As many players and developers know, old warsong and al'akir had massive gold inflation from voting and PvP. People on warsong even came to AA trading gold 2:1 scale or maybe even 3:1. Will you limit the gold transfer at the merge? Because vanilla gold is worth less due to the inflated gold.
  12. So....

    I tried to increase the size, but it must have been minimized when i uploaded it aswell as i had been awake 24 hours + when posting
  13. So....

    Emerald dream going to become a legion server tho ? (srry for unclear picture )
  14. [Archangel 2.4.3] List of trusted crafters.

    Lanpan Alliance: Enchanting. Got most of the enchants world/dungeon drops + soulfrost, moongoose.