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  1. Hey everyone

    1) no 2) yes 3) 9
  2. Holy Paladin questions

    I checked this like 8 month ago before the merge and it could be bugged. Don't know about now. Otherwise wear 8/9 T3 and don't think about anything xD

    sounds like a cthun kill! go go
  4. Seal of Command fixes.

    Anyone knows if Improved Seal of Righteousness works properly? No money to test it xD
  5. Holy Paladin questions

    I was always going like this: Crit > Heals > Int > Mp5 > Spirit (lol) Avise its 29.5 int for 1 crit that's why I put int before mp5...
  6. Pallypower problems

    I have the same problem... It worked before as it should now I after I got my new PC this problem appeared. Any idea how to fix it?!
  7. Ortavi_Skin question...

    lol yes whisper me ingame pls
  8. Ortavi_Skin question...

    it didnt work out :/
  9. Ortavi_Skin question...

    Hello, I got Oskin addon today for viewport and it works fine, but I want to change it so it can be a little transparent. Is it possible to bo done and if yes how? If no - any other addon with viewport that has this option?
  10. he did fire aura for soaking I bellieve... none of them was changing shadow to avoid stacks on Mograin.
  11. For people that doesn't know poking means nothing! Some people think that Drakon doesn't have emotions on =)
  12. Yes! The recipe isn't avaible on feenix at the moment and I think they already fixed alt-f4 bug reset. not sure
  13. wtt servo for tf

    Hunter weapon - explains a lot!
  14. <Praeda> weekly MC Thursday around 13:00, poke Shogune/Amitta/Judgemend at bridge. Loot rules: MS>OS, no limits on rolls, but of course no stupid rolls. Cores will be shared at the end to people that didn't get any loot. BoEs will be rolled after Ragnaros. Reserves: Legendaries/Ingot/Recipes.