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  1. Best priest race?

    horde holy pve - blood elf (ways to replenish mana) horde shadow pve - undead (extra dot) horde pvp both specs - troll (shadowguard + hex of weakness)
  2. Enh sham Agi or str?

    Shamanistic Rage Instant. 2 min cooldown. Reduces all damage taken by 30% and gives your successfull melee attacks a chance to regenerate mana equal to 30% of your attack power. Lasts 15 sec.
  3. Here is a guide on Druid Tanking!!!

    If you want to dps - spec 14/32/5, if you want to tank - spec 11/33/7, if you want to heal - spec 24/0/27. Thats what other classes do - they respec for their roles in raid. Do not try to save your gold claiming that you can do good at any role with only one spec.
  4. wHY wARLOCK WAS op IN S1-S2

    Only thing that makes locks op on Archangel is drain mana that has zero chance to break fear, charm, sap, sheep, etc. Some locks abusing this bug too much.
  5. 2.4.3 Druid macros

    You can say whatever you want, but Lapa had rank 1 team with about 2350 rating.
  6. Here is a guide on Druid Tanking!!!

    Just not sure is it worth 30 energy and debuff slot.
  7. Here is a guide on Druid Tanking!!!

    When you use 2 or more skills - it's called rotation. When you use only shred - it's spam. Well, you must keep faerie fire debuf... and you can try occasionally shift out/in cat form to get extra 40 energy. Thats it. Armor enchants?... Useless...
  8. Russian ipad can't say more either.
  9. Warrior TheoryCrafting: Slam VS. Heroic Strike

    So, best strategy is to spam your slam button. Suitable for me.
  10. You like cata buff/debuff sysytem? Absolutely no class uniqueness and leatherworker drums... And yours health pool, damage and healing just multiplied by X number... What for? You want to keep it? Cata gear? You can't even call item "epic" if it's so easy to get it... Racials? Free PVP trinket for humans? No thanks... Talent system? Sorry, no room for imagination left in cata talent system, no more creative hybrid specs. Know what? There will be only 6 talents out of 18 in next expansion, probably you'll like it. Glyphs - actually a good thing. Insta-queuing from anywhere in the world just saves SOOO much time wasted otherwise in boredom waiting... oh... why they not implemented insta-queue thing in 1.0 patch...
  11. Here is a guide on Druid Tanking!!!

    Not every hit, I think crushing blow has only 15% chance to occur.
  12. Saddest part... P.S. Probably a fake. They can't be that stupid.
  13. Much easier to find one skilled and geared teammate for arena, than 9 (at least) for BG. Somebody just don't like BGs. You have to deal with other people preferences. And yes I'm scared by the challenge battlegrounds provide, when you get in WSG and see 9 fresh 70 with 5k hp on your side. It's from my "top 5" nightmares list actually...
  14. Here is a guide on Druid Tanking!!!

    Btw, Primal Fury +5 rage proc giving you aoe threat same as if you healed self 5 hp. Really no big deal... but... it's there...