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  1. Is it still possible to back up my character from Alakir. I had a Rank 14 rogue with the record for most /played on alliance. Name Kaci. I have over 120000 honor kills, Rank 14, All Tier Sets up to 6/3 t3. I Am willing to pay/donate for my character back. I have not been able to log on since pre merge. This server was my life for a long time and helped me over come a lot of person dealings. I am willing to donate  for my character back. I would greatly appreciate any help or poke in the right direction regarding this matter. Thank yiu for taking the time to read this. You can even read about me in the link on my fourm signature, from the fun feenix facts 10th anniversary. Kind regaurds. Feel free to Email me on this matter as well.

  2. Anyone know when the Vote Shop is going back up?

    See the following post for donation support. You may still use RP and Vote Points here: Regards, Database
  3. Anyone know when the Vote Shop is going back up?

    The vote shop is up and running as normal. As many people are experiencing redirects from to the forums, you may use this link to access it: to bypass the redirect. Regards, Database
  4. Loot Tables Fixed

    Yes, as posters above me mentioned, it looks like I was mistaken about the database website listing the actual loot tables on our Live realms. Sorry about that! Regards, Database
  5. Loot Tables Fixed

    Essentially the loot pools for each boss are now retail-esque. This means for most bosses there are no longer any double drops for non-tier items (Sorry no more double Neltharion's Tear off Nefarian ) Also some bosses had items that were dropping more / less often than intended, or some items that should drop in a separate pool with a low chance, like the C'Thun trinket, or Shard of Flame from Ragnaros. You can view these changes on the database website: (select vanilla realm) I hope that answers your questions. Regards, Database
  6. What's the deal with the Twin Emps?
  7. Post-core feedback thread

    Traps can be disarmed, I just did it myself on Warsong. The range is a little low, but only a rogue IN STEALTH close to it can disarm the trap. There is a fix for this on the way very soon actually. Regards, Database
  8. Please Fix Loot

    Mind -> Blown
  9. migration to warsong server

    Currently there is no process to transfer characters from one server to another, regardless of any donation you wish to make toward this cause. Regards, Database
  10. Account Security

    Dear members, After receiving reports more frequently regarding loss of game-account(s) and character(s) due to compromising, we would like to give you some vital information how to keep your account(s) secure. Feenix Server Team strongly discourages account sharing, neither do we assist in issues caused by it. If you share your game-account(s) data with anyone else, this is at own risk. If you know, or suspect to know that someone else has access to your account(s), we strongly advise you to change your password as soon as possible. Vital information how to make your account more secure Changing your password The most effective way to keep your account secure is to make a habit of changing your password on a regular basis. We also strongly encourage members to follow this advise at least once a month, for your own account(s) safety. If you have more than one account, use a unique password for each account. First you head to our website Log on to your account and then follow these steps: 1. Click on the Account Panel 2. Change your current password to a new unique one 3. Done, your account is once again secure! Addons may contain keyloggers! Using programs to handle your addons may contain keyloggers. Keyloggers can be avoided by manually installing your addons, and avoid the use of programs such as Curse client. Forgot your Secret Question and Answer? To have a new secret Q/A sent to your email, use this link: Important Feenix Gamemasters, developers or other staff members, will NEVER ask you for your account details! kind regards, Feenix Server Team
  11. Fishing Daily Reward(s)

    The quest that you do in the main cities was not giving any loot other than pets and gold. Now they properly drop the other items as well. You can find information about it on the github issue report here: Regards, Database
  12. AA / WSG and ED Same Client

    You can comment out realms by shaping it like this: set realmlist set realmname "Warsong [12x] Blizzlike" #set realmlist #set realmname "Emerald Dream" This would connect you to Warsong. Moving the # character in front of the other lines would allow you to connect to Emerald Dream.
  13. I'm going to close this thread before it spreads into a flame war. I would just like to echo Warlee's comment though. If you feel that you can help out the server by reporting bugs, and assisting in testing them, apply for the testing team. There is no absurd requirements to join, just being available to help in anyway you can. Obviously game knowledge is needed too, but the average player on this server has that in spades. As Test Teamlead, I'm involved with testers everyday, and none of them are helping us in order to get server first kills or other such selfish reasons. They simply want to make Feenix better for everyone. I thought this was a self-evident truth already, but now its on the record. For everyone who reads this, enjoy the Christmas holidays with family and friends, real or virtual Regards, Database
  14. Mining nodes bugged?

    Thanks for the report, in the future please use the bugtracker here: I found the issue, some data was missing. A fix should be applied soon.
  15. D2 Chain quest is not working!

    Actually, this type of issue is one that cannot be resolved by a GM in game. Go do the Kormok quest line if you can, since it is the only one working at the moment. In the meantime, I have created an issue report on the tracker for this quest. This issue is being looked into, and should be addressed soon.