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  1. perhaps they're waiting for season 2? for when S1 can be purchased with honor points
  2. yea wtf, they just don't happen anymore </3
  3. In need of a Arena Spec.

    the only bad thing about BM is how bad it hurts for your pet to die most hunter pets i see only have about 5-6k hp
  4. Pre-heroic?

    fire is the way to go for dps. merely spec'ing fire over frost was a 300+ dps increase for me it's also way more fun for pvp right now, since elems and clearcasting are funked
  5. My HKM mage tank

    i tanked this fight wearing a green robe with 84sta on it.. i barely had over 9k hp and it was easy enough. just make sure you don't miss your spellsteal
  6. When did they release

    i believe it was january/feb of this year - around that time
  7. you don't need to buy ALL your skills. just the few you really NEED. ex. if you're leveling as a frost mage, you only need to keep frostbolt at max rank, a lot of other spells you don't need, or can be left at rank 1. try to avoid respec until you're in outlands. this will save you having to buy 2x or 3x as many skills keep your main damage skill up, stay in zones where mobs are green-yellow (killing greens is often faster than yellow/orange mobs as you can kill them fairly easily, without taking much damage, and thus spend much less time drinking/eating), and sell everything you find that you don't need (mageweave cloth sells for 10g/stack. sell it, and do first aid later). once you get to outlands, the money starts pouring in.
  8. PvP Honor Set

    i was horde for a while, then decided to try ally side and made a rogue (intending to gank people i knew). i now have 3 70s on ally side only my war on horde.. which i don't play anymore if you came to this server looking for PvP, then ally is the way to go, if only for instant BGs. if you can't play without will of forsaken, then you got bigger probs
  9. Server becoming unstable

    around march-may, the server often experienced a dozen or more crashes per day. i left to play Some Dungeon Crawling Game that came out a while back, returned a couple weeks ago, and i feel it's moticably better than before. there's some lag issues in pvp that i think givse melee a rough time sometimes, but i'm sure feenix always has these issues on their devteam's attention
  10. i dare you to make less sense
  11. you're telling the internet to use proper grammar? learn to read better or just keep your eyes closed
  12. settle down, patches are imminent
  13. ...become the tech support section? practically my whole screen is people looking for help with technical difficulties and other such troubleshootings. is there really no where for these people to go, or ams they just beings lazy?
  14. BG/Arena queue times

    reroll alliance. i haven't looked back. takes no time at all
  15. Ice block question

    yea it just seems like some spells aren't checking for state-changes before they resolve casting