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  1. Trusted Crafters List

    Rikzor can now make stabilized eternium scope Arcra can now enchant Mongoose, and also craft Dirge, Khorium Champion and Felfury Gauntlets
  2. Trusted Crafters List

    Rikzor (A) Elixir master: flask of fortification, flask of mighty restoration, flask of relentless assault, flask of pure death, flask of blinding light, flask of distilled wisdom Transmute: Earthstrom diamond, Skyfire diamond, primal might. Engineer: Ornate Khorium rifle, Gyro-balance khorium destroyer, khorium scope. Arcra (A) Enchanting: Sunfire, Soulfrost, surefooted. Blacksmith: Black felsteel bracers, Blessed bracers, Bracers of the green fortress, Eternium runed blade, Fel edged battleaxe, Fel hardened maul, Felsteel longblade, Felsteel reaper, Hand of eternity, Helm of the stalwart defender, Oathkeeper's helm, runic hammer, Steelgrip gauntlets, Storm helm.