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  1. #FreeClaudian
    Only good feenix staff 

  2. Claudian, just wanted to say your a funny mother______. A 10-thread back and forth in appeals where you start posting only gifs. Hilarious.

  3. Nothing like a few days in hospital to make you appreciate your own bed!

    1. Kilijaeden


      wooot ? What happened that you were in hospital ?

    2. Kira
    3. Koppa
  4. Rate the song above you.

    6/10 Not really my thing, but not terrible. Awesome song for an awesome game.
  5. There really is no such thing as normal rules. Sure, there is common courtesy but the people running the raids make the loot rules, and if you didn't make it clear that resto was your main spec and that you would be rolling for that, that is your own fault. Unless there were predetermined loot rules, such as main-spec over off-spec, which I am assuming there wasn't or you would have mentioned it, all these screenshots show is someone winning a roll and you accusing them of being a ninja, thus no action will be taken.
  6. The Conspiracy Thickens!

    This is the most hilarious garbage I have ever read. Firstly, I am leader of the GM team, and we do not now, nor have we ever had a GM that goes by the name Huscar. That name is in use by a normal player, however, which leads me to believe you're the gullible victim of an absurd lie. Secondly, I really could not care less if you want to make up these stupid conspiracy theories on your guild forum, however, posting it here is in violation of our community rules. Specifically, these: Harmful gossip / trolling or attempted riot against server project, server-staff or a staff-member in particular Excessive Cursing, Insulting, Continuous Trolling Server Disrespect Staff Disrespect Combined, you're in line for a permanent ban. Instead, I'll just remove those images and serve you with an official warning. Also, please remember that you're welcome to leave our servers at any time, don't feel the need to stick around if you believe this ridiculous fairytale.
  7. Trinkets, trinkets everywere! Report any bugs there, not on the forum.
  8. In addition to Database's comments, I would also like to add that testers have no special rights or privileges on our live servers, nor do they have GM access of any sort. Furthermore, we actively monitor all GM actions and any discrepancies, though rare, are investigated and handled swiftly. If you believe that our GM's have interfered with a raid or dungeon at any point, you can report that directly to me via private message and it will be investigated.