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  1. Rolled a Druid

    Bear tanks are pretty good in 20mans and MC, and OK as long as you don't see a big floating citadel full of undead. However, most guilds won't let you in as long as you have feral gear only.
  2. Am I Wrong

    1. It's the best to clear what loot you'll be able to roll or not before the instance. Most guilds or pugs however let shamans roll for leather/cloth items, if it really is an upgrade, or there's nothing better than it at that lvl of raiding. So i think it was OK. 2. Someone really got mad for an SFK pug loot? lol
  3. Polar Set

    Hi! I'm looking for a polar bracer crafter. I don't know whether getting the spell from the quest works here or not, but if it does, I'd pay 75g for the craft (my mats).
  4. Tanking as warrior/druid/paladin?

    IMO it's more of 'hate' towards paladins and druids than 'incapability' when it comes to tanking lower tier instances and raids. Especially when guilds steamroll that content. For example, pugs usually don't let me in with my BiS druid to offtank ZG, yet I've maintanked it successfully more than once. (Yes, i get critted. That's why i have 9,4k hp and 10k armor without a flask.) I don't want to tank any content that i'm unable to tank: I'm not saying that a druid or paladin can maintank naxx, but c'mon, they can have a spot in 20mans, mc and bwl, or even in aq40 as an offtank. Lastly, to answer your question: Yes, roll a warrior, or you won't get any invites to raids. Also, check out Chysten's paladin tank guide, I think he might be the only more widely accepted non-warrior tank (progressing in aq40 atm). There are also some druid tanks on horde, pretty well geared.
  5. It's here. A nameplate addon!

    Great, ty very much. Pretty time consuming to config through the lua code, but it worths it:)
  6. New addon—TankStats

    Looks great, I'll try it out today
  7. Solo'ing as a resto druid (gear based question)

    +1 That's it. There's no impossible outdoor elite for a druid. You can cast a wrath, and recast root immediately if you have some free mana. If you don't, just innervate or wait the 27seconds, you'll regenerate more mana than it takes to cast root even if you're naked.
  8. Elemental Shaman DPS

    +1 on this. As said before, I don't think mana can be an issue with lightning bolt spamming, your consumables will get you through any fight. If you really wish to try melee-spell hybrid specs, I'd suggest to gear for spell penetration (in vanilla: 'equip: decreases your target's spell resistances by X' on gear), because that's your first obstacle. The problem: You won't really be able to get penetration gear before AQ40, where a ring drops from Prophet, your T2.5 boots will give you 10 and a robe gives you 30. I think it's clear that no guild will take you to aq40 if half of your spells are (at least) partially resisted, but your only chance to get gear to aid this problem is in aq40. --> Paradox situation. For your spell hit, crit and damage, you'll have to do your own maths. Most people overvalue hit. I'm not saying it's a bad stat, it's a really 'cheap' +1% damage until the cap (a thing that is way over your rational reach), but that's it. If the same ('gear stat') amount of spell power or crit combination gives you more damage, go for it instead of chasing the hit cap. One using a +1% hit rare pants instead of an epic 2% crit and 30 spellpower one, just to get closer to the cap is (IMHO) an idiot. Also, I'd suggest to reroll to orc, if you aren't already one. You won't be able to get +weapon skills to your twohanders, and orcs have at least the +5 to axes. Without weapon skills, 40% of your hits will be glancing blows (half damage hits) to lvl63 bosses. Although I'm a hardcore resto shaman, I'd really like to see the server growing of enh/ele-s (and also ferals, OOMkins, paladin tanks, etc)
  9. Demomology?

    As others said, demo is mainly a pvp spec, but IMO it can work for pve too in some cases. For example, if you somehow have undergeared tanks or healers, demo is a pretty good spec, because: - You make 20% less threat with an imp out. - More hp with improved imp (I'd put talents to this instead of fel stamina and improved succubus) for your party. - You'll have bigger hp pool (you can be healed a bit later). - Improved healtstone. Always nice to have, and also, the stone stacks with other the warlock's untalented, or 1/2 pt healthstone (or at least it did back in 2005). This can be basically another free healing pot for the raid. The con: - The specs has more wasted talents than SM/ruin - Less damage
  10. Hit vs Crit/AP

    This is wrong math. More crit increases flurry uptime, but 33% crit still won't make it 100%.
  11. That's totally true. But on the other hand, i don't think we need these scammer kind of people in the community.
  12. Good 2H other than Nightfall

    IMO the defensive talents are made for a PvP 0-21-30 enh-resto shaman to survive a warrior's charge, or a rogue's chainlock until help arrives For example: http://www.wowprovid...520300510053150
  13. Best race for shaman?

    My warstomp and +% health saved me more than once
  14. (This post is just a small sum, based on my experiences as a resto shaman pvp-er) If you wish to join pugs, I would suggest: 1. frost mage. You'll be able to win some 2v1 fights with sheeping, have extreme mobility, slowing power, and the best: Not really gear dependent. 2. rogue. Fight only when you want to fight. Bloody surprises. Survivability and control can be achieved without gear, damage... not so. 3. shadow priest. Bubble and facemelt. Sadly, you'll need some raidgear to be efficient with it. 4. warlock. Again, viable for 2v1 fights. Very powerful pets (especially the succubus), but goes down very quickly under heavy fire. --> All listed classes have some form of heavy crowd control. You 'don't want to be' a shaman, druid or a warrior in pugs (these classes can be very powerful too, but only with proper support). As others said, if you wish to join premades, the tables turn, as most pugs need healers, flag carriers and damage soakers.
  15. Which spec?

    It really was back in 2006. However, people learned kiting since then