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  1. Warsong 10-19 lvl

  2. Always fun to see those :)

    wait what? dont understand... fuk it im out of here.
  3. Putting together a 5v5 team

    U gonna try playing 5v5 on feenix against who?
  4. So no one is frapsing their T6 boss kills? havint seen a single boss kill video so far
  5. So when i log on my 1.12 client i only get the instant 60 server and the x14 rate server but not emeral dream. I use this realmlist set realmlist So whats wrong.
  6. shit just got real

  7. Best players on Archangel both sides

    lol its this thread again
  8. PwP journal : Getting r1

    Thats feenix for ya! But hey teddy otherwise:
  9. Teach me to get gear???

    Was it only me who thought about this when u read the title:
  10. TBC PvP Movie List (my favorites)

    Get a mirror bro