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  1. More

    Trash talking on intrawebz is kinda pointless, but posting it on forums is pushing it. If this was a x1 server it would kinda made sense but ppl playing here have min 3 high lvl chars.
  2. Elemental specc

    I was in a argument few days ago and I was told that ele shammy should never ever heal which seemed dumb.
  3. Elemental specc

    Is it true that ele shammy use chain heal on clearcasting procs to heal the raid? I rember on retail that some pps used to talk about it.
  4. Wow down to 8 mil.

    Everyone has their own personal grudge towards Blizzards decisions. Anyway i hope somthing happens, somthing radical!
  5. Seems that wow has suffered quite a drop.
  6. EX YU ROCK topic

    One of the best and forgotten tunes Also sounds even better in hard-rock version.
  7. Never ever bring a plate dps if you are gearing up! Well only if you know him very well. I know i farmed that belt atleast 25+ resets until it dropped. You are the tank, you make decisions, dps is well just dps. hump it up and type "no plate dps " in your lfg msg.
  8. retail servers?

    Sylvanas: Vanilla,Tbc, Wotlk, Cata and Mop
  9. I leveled my shammy as elemental and I had zero problems. Green gear only gives you intel and stamina and dmg increase comes only from spel ranks. Even if you had green gear you would only have more mana and stamina. There are nice hot zones where you can pull like 10+ lvls in a hour or so. One would be tanaris and un'goro. That was my usual route from 40-60. Takes about 2-3 hours. Just stock up on water appropriate to your lvl. If you leveled a rogue or let's say a warrior than it would be understandable.
  10. Another Ninja Guild

    You made up a question with different parts of sentance. This is called fabricating. Even though you explained nicley but you made a mistake on start. I am unable to do it. Sorry.
  11. Another Ninja Guild

    Why do you wanna prolong this? this is pretty much finished.
  12. Another Ninja Guild

    I never said that "SLayer" is a dumb name but certinaly isnt very original. I am not always right, I make mistakes, but i do those kind of mistakes in privacy of my room. I dont /w people and call them names, dumb, a-holes or other things. I developed this kind of behaviour so i avoid situations like pugging with shitters. They dont have to ninja somthing, but i will be stuck with them for next few hours which is my valuable free time. I play this game so i can chat and have fun. Reading overused memes and brain farts is not my kind of fun. And yes ninjaing is dumb! Why? There is no punishment for this kind of "crime" if there is no punishment... well you know where i am going with this. Calling ninjas con artists is plain wrong. Though items in wow dont have basicly any value, but there are people behind this chars that are investing their time to get somthing, Again shitters dont value time, becouse they have to much of it. This would be a perfect tl:dr.
  13. Another Ninja Guild

    I see that you like to push your Gregory House act, and it amused me on few occasions. Have you ever witnesed a disscusion on forums where one person would convince other one that he/she is wrong? I know i havent. Do you really expect i pull out a study about corelation between guild names and ninjaing items? I can write few cases where i've warned a friend that person with misspeled name and a guild name "cake is a lie" will probbably ninja detahbringers will. What has led me to that conclusion? I've asked beforementioned person does he know anything about the background of his guild name? He obviously didint had a clue. People like that usualy follow internet trends and try to use them where ever they can. Things like: U MAD, JELLY, LOL in their part of name and so on. They are parrots, shitters etc. Not every person with LOL in their name is shitter but there is a good chance they are. SO, if few of theese mentioned things match there is a good CHANCE they will do somthing dumb like ninja an item. This is not HUGE sweeping generalization. It's hunch based on some obesrvation. In my 6 years of playing i've never been scammed or simillar. It might have been luck or maybe my "hunch" was good. I know you will laugh at everything, and call me stupid or somthing else. That is what you do, you dont know anything else which is fine. To i shootarrows: I shoud have been more elaborate. I tried to explain same thing people in past and it never worked. Fabricating questions to make your point is a third grade journalisam. You might've missunderstood me or you are trolling.
  14. Another Ninja Guild

    Using third class journalism methods wont get you far.
  15. Another Ninja Guild

    Such things can't be explained. I've tried and failed, it's a cool people perk.