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  1. Tank looking for a serious guild (horde)

    Of cause keep in mind though, i have only been playing for a couple of weeks, because i only recently heared about this server. [stonegrip Gauntlets ][belt of Valor] [Legplates of Vigilance] [Grimy Metal Boots] [Hardened Stone Band ][band of Flesh] [skullforge Reaver] or [Hedgecutter] [skullflame Shield] 2x[Vigilance Charm] [bracers of Heroism] [Deathbone Chestplate] [stoneshield Cloak] [stockade Pauldrons] [Woven Ivy Necklace] [Grand Crusader's Helm]
  2. When i say "serious guild" i dont necessary mean guildes that have cleared naxx or aq40. I've chosen to play a warrior up, despite my otherwise expirence. I started out in the old days with a rogue like 50% of all vanilla players, which i started PVE'ing on, only mc at that time. Later started raiding on both a paladin and a mage(mostly the mage) on al 'akir. I raided for some time, did: MC, ZG, AQ20 and BWL which we cleared just before i stopped wow for some time. Now i wanna make up for lost time and start raiding again, unfortunately i dont have any other raiding expirence (in the expansions.) I really hope some guild needs a tank, even though it's probally the hardest class/spec to get into a guild with ^^ BTW i dont have anything against progress, but i dont want to wipe 20 times in MC cause i tried that allready :S If the tanking thing is totally impossible, i also have a rogue.... again
  3. hustler thief

    That's not the humping point now is it? you shouldn't be alowed to steal now it was a backpack what if he master loots nax with you... sorry for wanting to report it... cunts
  4. hustler thief

    name-Paid- he was offering to unlock boxes and i tiped him and he stoled [Arcane Gloves][Wanderer's Boots of the Whale][Traveler's Backpack] he traded me all the items beside the backpack, and i said you still need to give me the backpack, then he just disconnected. i was wondering if you could ban his ass