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  1. In a desperate attempt to get this thread back on track and away from the flaming here is our picture of our Ysondre kill from last week. (We killed the other two dragons too but had to pug them so they don't count).
  2. Long post, haven't read all of it yet, but I disagree with you putting any points into Spirit of Redemption instead of Holy Reach. First off you shouldn't be dying in any raid so Spirit of Redemption is kinda useless, and it only gives you 10 seconds of healing anyways, that's what? 3 casts? Practically useless. Second Holy reach is an extremely important skill that is useful in almost every fight and is one of our most important talents, in fights were the raid is spread out you are able to raid heal more effectively, in fights were positioning is crucial you are able to get into position quicker, to be honest in certain fights I would say it's even almost necessary, how do you heal tanks in Ouro without getting hit by the sweep without holy reach?
  3. Model Swapper

    pretty sure it can be used to exploit, things like making the wsg flag huge so you can always find the carrier, making all herbs big and glowing, etc.
  4. Not working, unless they fixed it recently, I went and made one of those potions but it there's no brazier to put out to summon the boss with.