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  1. What's the best way to grind rep with SW?

    I didnt donate any cloth, yet I got exalted when I was 39. Just by doing quests.
  2. Crossroad PVP action!

    Nelf. Shadowmeld is a huge tactical advantage. The would be Horde Astranaar raiders would be very surprised if the see 20 nelf hunters get out of shadowmeld and rain arrows on them.
  3. Crossroad PVP action!

    Uhmm. well, gonna open a NE hunter, just to shadowmeld and ambush hordies in Ashenvale. <grin>
  4. Vanilla wow screenshot archive

    Who's that girl in SM?
  5. Vanilla wow screenshot archive

    Theramore guards are deserving their pay
  6. Levelling Guides - Fury Warrior

    Look for Jame's Alliance/Horde leveling guide (old)
  7. Vanilla wow screenshot archive

    Some moments that should be lived
  8. Some news regarding attacks

    Really, about Blizzard suing private servers. If I were an US citizen, I woudl have sued blizzard for not opening older content servers. I bought all 3 packages, vanilla +2 expansions, and on the box it says "game experience may changeduring gameplay", not "game content can change during gameplay". I paid for vanilla, so why I cant play vanilla content?
  9. Fastest way - pushing

    It is quite clear that I have talked about multiboxing, and commenting on another guy's post. READ before you write.
  10. Do you like Emerald Dream so far.

    The problem is, you cannot find bugs/errors with a bunch of dedicated people only. They would need testers just to do the job, so its better for us to encounter issues and report it. Simply more players = more eyes to find a bug. Let us help this community work to get better by reporting/commenting issues on bugtracker, not only for ourselves, but for others also.
  11. [Suggestion] Remove rare spawns for now

    This issue is reported in the bugtracker already. Just have to wait.
  12. Dont know what to do >:(

    Pick a mage. You wont need to wait for zeppelins or ships. If you havent played a mage before, pick frost talents. If you want the excitement, want to burn the humper's head with flames, want to see big numbers, want the challenge, pick fire. ... and dont listen to those who says that fire humps for leveling. Its the burning, the ashes, the ignition, the flames that the fun is in fire leveling. Not the fast runs. (Besides u kill faster with fire, but have to drink alot. Dont mind, drinks are free ) And if you want to get a different direction, try leveling with arcane. That's another challenge, which is mana management mostly, but rewarding with increased crit chance with correct management of clearcasting and mana consumption. And instant pyroblasts just try.
  13. Warrior

    If you like crits with 2 weapons in each hand, with fast attacks go fury. If you wish to do it with a heavy 2 handed weapon with BIG numbers, awaiting the window of opportunity, go Arms. do it with style
  14. Fastest way - pushing

    If i see someone of the opposing faction multiboxing, I will kill them 1 by 1, ress at gy and find them again and kill them again. ( Cant do it to my faction ) It is foul& unsporting at best.
  15. [Suggestion] Remove rare spawns for now

    Rare mobs dont drop something nice everytime, even if it were Blizzlike. Ask for some folks for aid.