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  1. After Dark vs Azgalor

    "Meanwhile on Archimonde, the pot is still calling the kettle black, more at 11!" Confusing Int gems with haste gems. Overall, 4/10. Keep up the outstanding work!
  2. After Dark vs Azgalor

    "k perfect, go ahead and purge me, im at 8 stacks" said nobody ever...right?
  3. After Dark vs Azgalor

    Your video states US 1st but that's not true. Might want to edit that.
  4. Took another screenshot of our Kaz kill from tonight just to clear the air of any doubts from our first. Apologies for the crappy 1st Screenshot.
  5. <Versus the World> killed Kaz'rogal, US 1st. Thrall carried the last 2% in the hut. Horde FTW?
  6. Do you need another SS for the kill Bill? Or is that one okay?
  7. <Versus the World> Alliance 1st Illidari Council. (Sorry for the shitty SS, you can see the corpses behind the line. If you need a better one, I can dig around from our raiders tomorrow)
  8. I sense a locking of this thread
  9. Start leveling something else. Archangel hunter is terrible.