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  1. Which spec?

    Resto-you'll find dungeon group easily, people in BGs will love you. Elemental-"we don't need another dps, sorry", "hey, shaman, heal me"
  2. Gear for vote points!

    Farm BRD for belt and silithus(pages) for gold, to buy Bloodvine set(if you are tailor, it's BiS until T2 or so). From voting, Cloak of Hakkari Worshipers(10) and Eye of the beast(10) are cheapest. Zanzil seal and Zanzil band are very nice too, but bit more expensive. Follow this guide for other items:
  3. Hillsbrad(Redridge), Thousand Needles(Duskwood), STV, Dustwallow, Feralas, Tanaris, Hinterlands, Felwood, Ungoro, Winterspring, Silithus
  4. pve lock trispecc

    Nice spec, but when I tried to find best spec for Warlock, I found SM/Ruin(later I saw it on this forum) and 5% crit, 100% critical strike bonus and Siphon life is better than 5% shadow damage, extra stamina and pet bonuses
  5. It's Bangalash, not Bangladesh lol
  6. Swords in PvP not viable?

    Dagger-ambush, backstab Sword-no ambush, no backstab Rogues do better from behind, MH dagger is a must(slower-better), swords are for grinding mobs.
  7. level 60 what now?

    Do some 5man's, you have to know what spec do you want to play, PVP without gear humps and there are lot of Fury warriors, so easiest way to get into instances is spec prot and tank.
  8. Wow runs on one of the greatest and best optimalizated engine ever made. It's addon/bad instalation issues. Maybe problem with graphics drivers that couldn't be compatible with wow.
  9. Post Your UI: Revived
  10. What class will you roll...?

    Hunter or Warlock or Warrior(tank)
  11. Retail experiences

    I never played retail, but from wotlk, everything becomes easy. Only needed consumables are flasks(tanks don't need anything), that are easy to obtain(5 minutes of whatever farming and you can buy one). No resistances needed, tanks recieves minimum damage(bosses have slower attack speed?, defense is capped with only neck and 2 rings). If anything goes wrong, there is healers with infinite mana(except for first month of new expansions because of low gear, and that's only because nobody knows what is mana potion). And you can get gear with marks and badges, when there is 10 mans with 2 items(or more?) per boss. That's like getting T2 in UBRS. One good thing is PvP, classes are more balanced now. Nevermind, waiting for Emerald dream.
  12. 1H + Shield or 2H for leveling

    Fury with 2 one-handers is the best. It's boring to wait 3 seconds to get rage and then miss. Get slow main hand and fast off hand for rage. Leveling as prot is fun, but not so easy as fury.
  13. talent "hawk eye"

    I use dis for my troll hunta, in some encounters, u need bigger range for moar dps mon. pz
  14. There is sometimes a delay. If he recieves empty mail, he have to wait, money will come later. I never lost a mail here.