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  1. <PTA> Gets farmed In wsg This TIme :S

    XAXAA it oke lov u stuped fin
  2. <PTA> Gets farmed In wsg This TIme :S

    am so much wall so much no care so much hard words
  3. <PTA> Gets farmed In wsg This TIme :S

    Prugaros = Arihi?
  4. never forget

    hy men
  5. am so dizzy and puked
  6. never forget

    ps am lookin for new guild) need wraith blade pm if intrested
  7. Martin Bogdan Is coming bek

    oh for humpsake
  8. Starting an alt

  9. Takk loses 40+ DPS after taken out of stables

    Lupos > all in pve, BT > all pvp
  10. RIP

  11. RIP

    XD dat leech tho
  12. RIP

    am leech gear from pure easy 1x naxx and im bis
  13. STV Arena chest quest

    no, there's no way if u fked up :/
  14. Pve wolf pet

    ye so wat ) i always do this )) fak cares about pugs anyways xaxaxaxaa